Throughout last season Monroe has proven that he is quite the asset for Nick in regards to his Grimm duties but has he not hidden his alliance with the Grimm well enough from the Wesen world? He’d already been given a beating as a warning by the Reapers.

As we saw last week, Nick, Hank, and Monroe make a mighty trio and now it’s up to Nick and Hank to protect Monroe as someone is not too happy with this non-Wesen choices. An old flame returns back into his life and Juliette begins to try and remember who Nick is.

This week’s fairy tale quote is taken from the tale ‘The Snake Leaves:’

While he thus gazed before him, he saw a snake creep out of a corner of the vault and approach the dead body.

(Remember, this recap has spoilers, so read at your own risk.)

A voice from Renard’s past comes to visit and makes arrangements to see him.

Nick comes home and sees Juliette cooking. She found a recipe marked ‘Nick’s Favorite’ and cooked it for him. She tells him that although she doesn’t remember him, she would like to start trying to get to know him now. During dinner, they talk about how they first met and although she doesn’t remember Nick being there, she does recall she, though, the police officer she spoke to was cute.

Speaking of dinners, Monroe has prepared a nice dinner himself when the doorbell rings.

At the End Up, a Country Western bar, Eddie’s old girlfriend Angelina is having a good ol’ time but when the guy she was dancing wants a little more (hell, doesn’t three beers and a plateful of chicken fingers entitle him to his needs?…uh…no!).  She rejects his oh-so-suave proposal and leaves but country-western man won’t take no for an answer and follows her outside. He forces a kiss on her and she hits him over the head with her motorcycle helmet. Angry, the man turns into a Konigschlange which prompts Angelina to turn into a Blutbad. Before he can attack, she attacks him and bites him in the neck killing him.

Thinking she is done, a man comes up. She tells him that her actions make them even but he pulls a gun to her head and tells her no.

Rosalee and Monroe are having a nice dinner.*

Renard meets Mia at the hotel restaurant. She tells him that she never agreed on how his family treated him and suspects he has his own vision of what the future should be. She asks him if she has a part in this future and Renard counters he does to. Mia asks if he will return to take his rightly place in the family and he tells her, yes, but on his own terms.

Will shoves Angelina into a van where Arbok is waiting. He tells her that he is displeased as she had killed a man that was supposed to do a job for him. Turning into a Konigschlange to show her he means business, Arbok tells her he won’t call the cops if she does the job the guy she killed was supposed to do. He will give her 24 hours to get the job done and pays her some money upfront. He also warns that if she reneges on the deal, he’ll find her.

Monroe and Rosalee find more things in common between them and just as they are about to kiss, Angelina barges in. She tells Monroe they need to talk and demands that Rosalee leave. Monroe insists she stays but Angelina can’t deal with her right now. A Blutbad with a Fuchsbau? Whatever! And heads to the other room.

Monroe follows Angelina and she tells him she’s there to kill him. Monroe wants to know who wants him dead but she doesn’t know. She tells him that she only has 24 hours to kill him and begs him to leave.

Monroe instead starts to call Nick but she tells him not to as, if he cares to remember, she is wanted for killing a couple of Bauerschweins. Monroe gets angry and questions why does she even bother coming to him if she won’t help him.

Nick and Juliette continue with the deep conversation and she asks about why she refused to get married. He tells her it’s because she felt he was hiding things from her (um…like that he’s a Grimm?) and just as he was going to go into it in more detail, Nick gets a call from Monroe who tells him he needs to come over.

Nick heads over to Monroe’s and asks him how he found out that someone is out to kill him. Monroe hedges until Angelina comes out. Nick pulls out a gun but Monroe reasons with Nick that Angelina came to help and asks if he could put aside the murder charges in order for them to find out who is trying to kill him.

Nick takes Monroe to Hank’s for safekeeping. Hank and Monroe are awkward with each other at first but after a few drinks, Monroe fills Hank in on some Wesen characteristics and gives examples.

Nick arrives at the End Up where the cops are investigating the murder of the Konigschlange that Angelina killed. Claiming to be Nick’s partner, Angelina sets the investigator straight about what “actually” happened and after finding the victim’s wallet, tells Nick that he’s one lucky cop!

As they get into the car, Angelina gives Nick the victim’s phone that she picked up and Nick calls in the number to get a location. The phone number leads them to a hardware store where Angelina recognizes Will.

She heads in and confronts Will who tells her that Monroe is being targeted because he’s friends with a Grimm and someone hired to have him killed to set as an example. A Wesen working with a Grimm it’s not cool.

Nick tells Hank about Angelina’s involvement and asks if he can overlook the murder charges and brings her in. Nick tells Monroe that the hit was ordered because of his friendship with him. Nick thinks that a Royal might have ordered the hit.

They come up with a plan to have Monroe look like Angelina killed him to bring out Arbok. Monroe calls Rosalee who’s on the bus how to make a dead faint.

Renard finds out that Mia was meeting with the Dragon’s tongue when he gets a call from her and is invited to her hotel room. But Renard is smarter than that and has been keeping an eye on her private plane. His men tell him that Mia has left the hotel and is preparing to leave on her jet.

Rosalee tells them the dangers of using the dead faint and begs him not to use it. As they talk, Angelina gets a call from Arbok who tells her where to deliver the body. Rosalee tells them that have to wake him up in 2 hours or he’s dead permanently. Monroe takes the potion and falls asleep.

Angelina arrives to the drop off point with Monroe’s “body.” Will demands to see the body and signals to Arbok who changes into a Wesen to confirm his is dead. He makes a call to the person who hired him and Angelina notices that Monroe is waking up.

Another car approaches and out comes Mia. Satisfied, she tells Arbok to pay her. Just then, Angelina notices that Monroe is turning white and his hands are curling indicating that real death is near. Unable to wait any longer, she resuscitates him.

Once awake, all hell breaks looks. Will and Mia’s man point their guns at Monroe as Nick and Hank tell them to surrender. Angelina turns into a Blutbad and lunges at Will who shoots her. Monroe sees it happens and turns into a Blutbad himself and takes down Will. Arbok runs off and Mia heads to the airport. Arbok and Nick struggle but before he can tell Nick who hired him, Hank shoots him.

Monroe heads back to Angelina but it’s too late. With her dying breath she tells Monroe to be careful and dies. Nick arrives and sees Angelina. Monroe tells him not to call anyone. Her funeral will be done the Blutbad way.

At the airport, Renard is there to meet Mia. She asks if he will kill her but he tells it depends and demands that he tells her everything.

Nick arrives home and calls Rosalee and tells her that she is fine. He sees a note from Juliette saying “Thanks for the memories.”

Monroe is in the woods and builds a cairn for Angelina’s body. With deep sorrow, he changes into a Blutbad and howls his sadness into the sky.

Episode Observations:

* Renard’s family and circle of friends are very powerful politically as Mia travelled to Tokoyo to convince a foreign minister to put her family first.

* There’s discord in the Renard family as Mia brings up the fact that Renard’s brother Erik may not be in agreement to what Renard’s ideas for the future of the family may entail.

* No!!! Rosalee is leaving town? Hm…is this a set up for a future episode?

* Love how Monroe’s use of “visual aid” helped Hank understand about how a Wesen changes.

* Nick must be a key component in the war the Families are in and it looks like certain Wesen factions are none too pleased about Wesens and Grimms working together.

What are your thoughts? If you missed last week’s episode, ‘The Good Shepherd,’ make sure you catch up with the recap! See you next week Grimmsters!