Armstrong is really Aram, an ancient immortal tasked with guarding the pieces to an ancient all-powerful weapon called the Boon, which destroyed much of ancient civilization. (See issue #1) Obadiah Archer was raised by religious zealots The Sect to kill Armstrong and assemble the pieces of the Boon, but when he discovers this, he turns his back on The Sect and sides with Armstrong. The pair have secured two of the six pieces that make up the Boon, the Fulcrum and the Inclined Plane, leaving the Torque,  the Wedge, the Axel, and the Sphere still unaccounted for. They are attempting to locate the Torque in the Vatican, but the piece is guarded by “Nunjas.” That’s right, half nun, half ninja. Aw yeah!

But perhaps an even bigger threat? Wine. Armstrong loves his wine and this nearly sabotages their mission. Well, that and the arrival of Archer’s kinda-sister Mary Maria, still on the Sect’s mission to acquire all of the pieces. (Since this is an advance review, I won’t reveal too much of the story.)

This book is a lot of fun. It’s light. It’s a little campy. The art is really clean and beautiful, with fluid story-telling and movement. This is one solid book! It’s not the usual tights and capes, but it delivers in terms of fun, humor and action.

The leads are unusual. Armstrong’s closest comparison is Marvel’s version of Hercules. A shaggy, drunkard immortal with super human strength. And who doesn’t love That Guy? Archer is a naive, idealistic Christian with strong faith, facing dire betrayal of everything he’s grown up believing, yet he remains flawlessly polite and old-fashioned. His inability to hit a woman is problematic when facing “nunjas!”

Honestly, if I could just throw out one word to entice you to buy this, it’s that.  “Nunja.”  I mean really?!

This is a thoroughly entertaining, beautifully drawn book. It’s not the usual, but it absolutely delivers everything you’d want out of a comic.

Final Score:


Written by Fred Van Lente
Art by Clayton Henry with Pere Perez
Cover by Arturo Lozzi

On Stands October 10