While there were some naysayers (as there are with any reboot), I was kind of looking forward to Bryan Fuller’s new take on the classic Munster family with the drama ‘Mockingbird Lane’. It sounds like it could’ve been an interesting show. Now, according to Deadline, it seems as if we won’t get the chance to find out… or will we?

‘Mockingbird Lane’ was (or maybe still is) set to be a reimagining of the original ‘Munsters’ series from the ‘60s. It was updated to modern times and was changed from a sit-com to an hour long drama format. The cast was already set with Jerry O’Connell (‘Sliders’) as Herman, Portia de Rossi (‘Arrested Development’) as Lily, Eddie Izzard (‘The Riches’) as Grandpa, Mason Cook (‘The Middle’) as Eddie, and Charity Wakefield (‘Casualty 1909’) as Marilyn. There was even a few cast shots out there so it seemed like this was was a go.

According to the report, there’s not an actual final decision on ‘Mockingbird Lane’ yet but, Deadline’s reporters are saying that it sounds like it’s pretty much dead in the water. A pilot was filmed and inside sources say that the powers that be at NBC didn’t think it would work.

Yet despite Deadline’s report, it seems that no one at NBC told Bryan Fuller about the show’s premature cut. After news sites began reporting that ‘Mockingbird Lane’ was no more, Fuller released the following on his Twitter account:

So will ‘Mockingbird Lane’ make it to air? I guess only time will tell. Are you excited at the prospect of a ‘Munsters’ remake or would you rather NBC just leave this one by the wayside? Comment below and let us know.