We’re a little more than two weeks away from the premiere of the third season of AMC’s acclaimed drama ‘The Walking Dead’. We’ve gotten trailers, TV spots, and promotional images, and now that we’re getting even closer to show time, they won’t stop coming any time soon.

Thanks to Blastr, we have some new photos of Rick, Carl, Hershel, Glenn, and the whole crew as they find their new home in the prison in the first episode of season 3 titled ‘Seed’. Though fans of the TV show are in for something completely new, fans of the comic have a vague idea of what’s to come. However, according to creator Robert Kirkman, everyone’s in for some surprises whether we read the comics or not:

“You have no idea what’s coming. But I promise you it’s absolutely thrilling, absolutely amazing, and anyone who’s familiar with the comic book series knows that the things that start happening once Rick and his group get to the prison are the things that make ‘The Walking Dead’ what it is.”

Check out the new photos below:

Based on the critically acclaimed comic series by Robert Kirman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, the upcoming season will contain 16 episodes, with the first 8 starting on October 14th at 9/8c and the next 8 returning in February. That is, unless you have DISH Network.