The official start of the Fall TV season begins on Monday but last week the new sci-fi series ‘Revolution’ debuted to what accounts to an outstanding ratings night.

The post-apocalyptic hour long drama was watched by over 11 million viewers earning it a 4.1 rating making it the most watched drama premiere on NBC within the last five years only second to the premiere of the unfortunate reboot of ‘Bionic Woman’ back in 2007 which earned a 5.1 rating. The series also boasts the highest broadcast premiere within the last 3 years since ABC’s ‘V’ in 2009 and the highest rated 10PM slot premiere since ABC’s ‘Big Shots’ in 2007.

While the results look promising, many times these numbers are due to looky-loo viewers who tune in just to check out the show. Although the initial numbers were impressive, there was a 14% drop off between the first and second half-hour indicating many viewers switched to something else midway through.

Many genre shows tend to do well coming out of the gate but whether they last beyond a few episodes is the key (remember ‘V’ and ‘The Event?’). The fact that ‘Revolution’ is in a 10pm slot doesn’t help either as it will be up against new episodes of ‘Hawaii 5-0’ and ‘Castle.’ Combine that with the fact that critics were mixed about the pilot (as was our reviewer), doesn’t bode well for the series but NBC is willing to give it a full season order even if the ratings are as low as 2.4 regularly.

The next few weeks will determine if it’s lights out for ‘Revolution’ or if we’ll see more beyond its 7 episodes.

Did you watch the premiere of ‘Revolution?’ If not, you can still catch the pilot episode and our own Caleigh Flynn’s recap and then let us know if you think the show has a future.


Source: Deadline