This #0 issue, showcases the first meetings between Black Canary and her future partners in crime-fighting Starling and Batgirl.  What’s interesting is that Dinah and Ev started out as partners in crime!  Well, sort of.  Black Canary joins up with The Penguin’s crew as security and encounters Starling.  (Seeing as they work for The Penguin all of their co-workers have bird names)  Canary, however is secretly using this position to thwart a crime.  This becomes complicated however, when Batgirl bursts in on the scene.  Canary is forced to battle her at The Penguin’s command, even though they are after the same targets.  Ultimately, Canary is able to tip Batgirl off and they capture their targets and take off, with Starling in tow.  There are a couple of twists at the very end that throw this series way off, by revealing two big secrets that had previously been unknown to the reader.

This issue was solid and entertaining.  It’s a reasonable origin story and it adds to the rest of the series.  The artwork was nice.  Romano Molenaar’s work reminds me vaguely of Ed Benes’, who illustrated a popular run on the old version of this title, but isn’t as overly sexualized.  It is a tad more cheesecake than the art on this title up to this point, but since sales have been slipping maybe that’s been the missing ingredient.  (I don’t really believe that, but Molenaar’s work is cheeky without being too exploitive so it’s fine, in my opinion.)

While this book was fun, honestly, it was just okay.  The story and dialogue was fine but not gripping of snappy.  The art is decent, but didn’t wow me.  Overall, it’s a good book, but is it a must-read?  I’m afraid not.


Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Romano Molenaar
Cover by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau