Marvel has been rolling out announcements for new video games based on their characters ever since San Diego Comic Con. First, there was news of a new rated R Deadpool game from Activision and High Moon Studios. Then, there was ‘Avengers Initiative’, the mobile game that takes place in the same universe as the Facebook game ‘Marvel: Avengers Alliance’. Now, Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment have announced that ‘Marvel Heroes’, the upcoming Marvel MMORPG, will be entering beta testing on October 1st.

According to Comic Book Resources, fans were given the opportunity to preview ‘Marvel Heroes’ at PAX Prime this year, as well as to see new characters in the game to join the likes of Spider-Man and Iron Man, including Daredevil, The Punisher, and Squirrel Girl. And now fans can sign up at to register for a chance to take part in the closed testing of the game before it’s opened to the public, free of charge.

Before you sign up for the beta, check out this new trailer for the game that was unveiled at PAX 2012:

Created by David Brevik, the man who brought us such games as ‘Diablo’ and ‘Diablo II’, and scripted by Brian Michael Bendis, ‘Marvel Heroes’ is a free-to-play MMO action RPG where you can play as your favorite Marvel heroes like Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and more to stop the evil Doctor Doom and his allies from using the Cosmic Cube to reshape the world in their image. While there’s not official release date yet, the game is expected to be released in Spring 2013.