Last month, Marvel teased a new mobile game featuring the Avengers with an image depicting the Hulk and the words “Something massive is smashing onto mobile from Marvel.” Now, thanks to Comic Book Movie, we have more details about this game, which goes by the name of ‘Avengers Initiative’.

The game, which comes out today, September 6th, is an episodic platformer available on iOS and Android devices for $6.99. Set in the same universe as the ‘Marvel: Avengers Alliance’ Facebook game, ‘Avengers Initiative’ takes place after “The Pulse” leaves the country without power and in chaos. Now Nick Fury and his team are tasked to keep the peace. The first episode spotlights the Hulk as he battles villains like the Super-Skrull, Wendigo, Zzzax and the Abomination who have escaped from the superhuman prison called the Vault.

Check out the trailer, and Hulk’s super cool new pants, below:

Future episodes, which will be released at a later date for free after the initial episode one purchase, will focus on other Avengers like Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. There are also plans to connect ‘Avengers Initiative’ and ‘Avengers Alliance’ via Marvel XP, which will track a player’s progress and unlock special rewards in the games.

What do you think of Marvel’s newest game? Better yet, what do you think about Marvel connecting their games in a unified universe similar to their movies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.