Continuing where ‘Green Lantern’ #12 left off, this issue begins with Hal Jordan and Sinestro at the mercy of Black Hand. The duo’s rings are completely drained and Hand has buried the alive in a cemetery. Never one to stay down for long, Hal digs his way back out of his own grave to confront Hand… with or without a ring.

Black Hand temps Jordan by offering to raise Hal’s father. He says that since there are no black rings or Nekron to control him, the senior Jordan will be a real person.

While Hal struggles with the thought of his father returning, the Guardians of the Galaxy push forward with their plans to get rid of the Green Lanterns and bring about the rise of the mysterious “Third Army”. To that end, they travel to a place called the Chamber of Shadows where a being known as the First Lantern is held captive. They plan to use the power of this First Lantern to do… well… something, but whatever it is, they’re keeping it secret.

Beyond that, I will spoil nothing for you. This issue is too important to let spoilers slip in a review. What I will tell you is that, before the issue’s end, Guardians battle Guardians, enemies become allies, and both heroes and villains fall. In the end, the ominous cover of this issue proves prophetic.

It’s a pleasure to see Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver back together for another Green Lantern tale, especially one as seminal as this one. Over the past several years, the Green Lantern titles have been a series of apocalyptic events after another. Honestly, I was beginning to get bored with the Lanterns saving the universe from some unbeatable threat over and over again. But with the Guardians turning on their own creations and the events of this issue, it looks like the ‘Rise of the Third Army’ is going to top all of the Green Lantern events so far.

If you’re a fan of the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, or Sinestro, you will want to read this issue.

Final Score:


Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Ethan Van Sciver