In anticipation of the Season 7 premiere of ‘Doctor Who’ on Saturday, BBC produced a 5 part mini web-series called ‘Pond Life’ which premiered on the official ‘Doctor Who’ BBC website today!

The prequel will chronicle the life of Amy Pond and Rory Williams when not on an adventure with the Doctor (in other words, when they lead their lives!). In a video introduction, Karen Gillan (who plays Amy Pond) explains:

“It’s kind of everything that happens in between time travel.  I often wondered, ‘What happens in between with the companions?’ And this is the episode where we get to see a kind of couple try and have a domestic, married life.”

The series episodes are rather short with the first installment less than a minute long but it still holds the same charm as the television show.

In Part 1, Amy and Rory receive a message from the Doctor telling them what he’s been up to lately. That includes fire surfing, laying down background tracks with English rapper Dizzie Rascal and, of course, meeting a historical figure (check out the crumpet at the end of his toasting stick).

All in a day’s (at least a Time Lord’s day) work, right?

You can watch the first episode below with a new installement uploaded each day at 12 noon. After the long drought of no new ‘Doctor Who’ since the Christmas episode last year, it’s great to start seeing new adventures pop up, don’t you think?

‘Pond Life’- Part 1:

(video courtesy of BBC Doctor Who)

Season 7 of ‘Doctor Who’ begins ‘ this Saturday, September 1st, at 9pm ET/PT on BBC America in the US.