The Nazis from the dark side of the moon will now be invading your consoles as German games publisher Topware Interactive has plans to release a video game based on the sci-fi steampunk film ‘Iron Sky’ called ‘Iron Sky Invasion’.

Topware acquired the gaming rights to the film and will have the Polish studio Reality Pump develop the game for them. Samuli Torssonen, who was the visual effects supervisor on the film, will be on board to provide the visual effects.

‘Iron Sky Invasion’ will follow the same plot of the sci-fi comedy film in which a colony of Nazi escape to the moon at the end of WWII and stage an invasion of Earth in the year 2018. Players can either act as a space pilot in a great intergalactic battle joining forces with either the Nazi invaders or with the Earth’s defense force. Beyond this, no much more detail has been released about the game.

Although the film is not a huge blockbuster, like most successful movie to video games are, the premise of the film is so cheesy that it might actually work – despite the fact that Nazi’s are involved.

‘Iron Sky’ has already earned $8 million worldwide and received some pretty good reviews since it’s US debut at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March before being released in limited theaters last month. If you’re not familiar with the movie thus far, below is a trailer for the film.

‘Iron Sky’ Trailer:

‘Iron Sky Invasion’ is slated to be released sometime in November with 2 editions: a standard edition and a special ‘Gotterdammerung’ one. The game will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Mac.