Horror fans are in for a treat come 2013 with the potential release of both a new upcoming graphic novel and a film, directed by horror legend Wes Craven. The graphic novel, titled Coming of Rage, will be penned by Craven and 30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles. Liquid Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan and producer Arnold Rifkin (Live Free or Die Hard) are reportedly working on the big-screen adaptation of the graphic novel, which will be released as a five-issue comic series as well. Details about the story have yet to be released, but with Craven and Niles at the helm, one can expect plenty of gore and suspense. After the critical disappointment of some of Craven’s more recent projects, one can hope that this team-up will be fruitful for the much loved horror director. Liquid Comics also announced that the series will be digitally compatible for iPads and iPhones, and will incorporate additional digital features into the series.