Welcome back rebels! Last week – Dr. Glass, with the help of Jamil, had to improvise to save Captain Weaver’s life. Someone from the past was found among the dead then turned brother against brother. The happiest news of all – Pope returned! It’s just not Falling Skies without John Pope.


Ben learns about betrayal the hard way when Karen introduces him to her Overlord master. (Poor Ben!) She and a Skitter are about to reattach a harness on Ben when the cavalry arrives! BLAM goes the harness in Karen’s hand! (Ok Ok Ok so the show is totally predictable! It’s still a blast and a half of fun!) A fire fight breaks out between the fighters of the 2nd Mass, the Skitters and a couple Mechs but everything stops when Tom points a gun at the mighty Overlord’s head. Looks like the 2nd Mass has themselves a hostage!

Back at the hospital/base the last bits are being packed and loaded on the vehicles in preparation for the raiding party’s return. Matt stands watch at the window while Jamil and Lourdes catch a few moments together before the long haul. Matt’s worried they’ll leave before his dad gets back but Weaver assures him that won’t happen. To keep the kid’s mind off the worry train Weaver sends him to the basement with Dr. Glass and Lourdes.

The raiding party returns with their captive. Weaver is beside himself with anger because this prize brought a war party to their door. The Skitters and Mechs aren’t doing much damage though for fear of hitting the Overlord. That can only mean one thing – someone is knocking on the back door. Tom rushes to the back of the hospital just in time to greet a Mech as it blasts its way through a loading door. He uses a bit of pyrotechnics by way of oxygen tanks to blow the Mech into next week but also a large section of the hospital – a part that includes the area Dr. Glass, Lourdes and Matt were running through!

Meanwhile out front – all of the aliens retreat. Karen comes out of hiding with a white flag flying. She warns Tom that things will only get worse if they don’t turn over her master. Tom and Hal decide to go out and talk to her. Tom makes it clear that they will not get Ben.

In the basement – all three are unharmed but electrical wires are zapping all around them.

Inside the hospital – everyone is scurrying about trying to figure out an escape route. Jamil is sent off to Dr. Glass. Hal and Maggie are sent to investigate the access tunnel that leads out the back. The Beserkers are sent out to scout the alien positions in the woods.

Ben makes it clear to Tom (much to his fatherly dismay) that he’s got to leave. He poses a threat to the group because the Overlord is trying to worm its way into his head. He doesn’t know how long he’ll be able to resist. He was, however, able to feel that this rebellion scares the snot out of the Fishhead. So the best place for Ben right now is with Red Eye. (Personally I think this whole war can be ended with a bullet to the Overlord’s head but then we wouldn’t have much of a show would we.)

In the basement – Dr. Glass, Lourdes and Matt find one VERY messed up Jamil. He’s yelling “go BACK,” is bleeding and collapsed on the floor next to a door. He’s not making any sense. Matt tries to open a door but Jamil yells “DON’T!” (What’s behind that door?!)

Hal and Maggie find the door in the access tunnel but its stuck shut. While Hal tries to pry the door open with is knife they have a little chat about Karen. Maggie looks really really jealous when he talks about his time before Karen became all evil puppet girl. Then out of the blue Maggie kisses Hal!! (What the what?!) After a few seconds of awkward Hal snaps to and gets the door open. Waiting behind it are hundreds of creepy little Skitter mini-mes!!! (Shudder!) They all come skittering along the tunnel at warp speed! Hal’s able to get the door closed but one makes it through.

Matt notices scratching noises coming from the ceiling. (Shudder vs 2.0!) Something is chewing holes through the door! Then one of the mini-me’s pulls an alien chest popper but this time crawls out of Jamil’s face!!! (I think I just might hurl! Dang it! I really like Jamil! He was perfect for Lourdes! Ugh! Poor Lourdes!) Ok it gets worse! Not one but DOZENS of Skitter mini-me’s come pouring out of poor Jamil! And the chase begins!

Tom and the gang go looking for Dr. Glass.

Outside – Weaver and Tector can hear the Berserker scouts are pinned down and fighting.

Dr. Glass, Lourdes and Matt are pinned down in the blood lab. The only way out is the air vent and the only one small enough to fit is poor little Matt!

Outside – Karen pops out with her little white flag again and calls for Weaver.

Lourdes has lost her noodle but Dr. Glass forces her to snap out of it and do something constructive.

Tom and Pope almost shoot poor little Matt until they hear his sweet whine of fear. (You gotta hand it to the kid – I never would have gotten into an air vent with thousands of little frakkin creepy mini Skitters!)

Outside – Karen shows that she has a hostage. They captured Boon, one of the Berserkers. The night lights up with Mech light. Boon makes a valiant effort to get back to the 2nd Mass but a Mech drops him in the road.

In the blood lab – Dr. Glass has thrown together a make shift flame thrower and gets out in time for Tom and Pope to reach them.

Tom decides to pay a visit to their guest. The Overlord uses Ben as voice. It wants peace. (Shoot it Tom!!) Once it’s done delivering its message it drops Ben to the floor in a convulsion. It then demands to be released. Tom releases it alright – with a bullet to the chest! (That’s what I’m talking about!! No more Mr. Nice History Teacher!)

Dr. Glass tries to patch the bullet hole and Weaver cusses out Tom yet again. (When is Weaver going to punch Tom?) They discuss their options and decide Karen needs to see her master bleeding. Hal gets to spit some venom at Karen while he escorts her into the hospital. She seems all high and mighty until she gets close enough to know her master is hurt pretty darn bad. The next bomb that’s drop on her I-can-see-subatomic-particles-so-I-know-what’s-going-to-happen head is a whole lot of C-4 stuck to the walls. The options are let the 2nd Mass leave or Pope gets to blow that entire wing off the hospital.

She takes the deal and the 2nd Mass rolls past the Mechs.

Lourdes has lost her faith.

Ben takes off into the woods. Tom gets in a nice fatherly good bye though before he leaves.

What a roller coaster ride! Did you see… and then holy wow did he really… and how about … I can’t believe how fun (and OMFG gross) that was! I knew they were building up poor Jamil for a reason. They just sort of plopped him into the first episode as though he’d been there through the whole first season. They built him up just enough for me to care about him and get ticked that he was killed. Good job writers. Good job. Can we talk about HOW he was killed?! Brilliant!

Keep the resistance strong!

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