This issue kicks off with an explosive dog fight in the sky between two G.I. Joe Skystrikers – manned by Ace and Lady Jaye in one and Flint and Scarlett in the other – and a fleet of Cobra Rattlers. The Joes had been guarding a cargo plane (the contents aren’t revealed). The fight goes against the Joes and one Skystriker is forced to return to the U.S.S. Flagg, leaving the other two Joes to fend for themselves.

The mission’s failure doesn’t go unnoticed, as the President herself arrived to investigate. Hawk tries to explain that Cobra Data-Vipers jammed the Skystrikers’ communications and allowed the Rattlers to sneak in undetected. Nevertheless, she shuts them down before they can mount a rescue mission for the two lost Joes.  Fortunately, Cover Girl knows someone that might be able to help, Johnny Barracuda, ally of Danger Girl.

This is my “popcorn” book of the week. I didn’t go into this expecting anything thoughtful or complex. The plot is kind of cliche, but that’s okay. There’s plenty of action and the book’s tone is in keeping with the old ‘G.I. Joe’ cartoon. (I can’t help it, but when I read their dialogue, I hear their old cartoon voices.) In other words, it is not as dark or realistic ‘G.I. Joe’ comics normally are.

The art is pretty. I wasn’t familiar with the penciller, John Royle, but he is clearly a student of J. Scott Campbell’s, the creator of Danger Girl, as their styles are extremely similar. Like Campbell, Royle draws beautiful women who are sexy without being twisted into impossible positions. A little bit of cheesecake can be great when the artist isn’t trying too hard to titilate and handles things with a sense of humor. And it’s not just pretty women. The action scenes have energy but are clear and never confusing. The storytelling is good.

One minor complaint is that Danger Girl doesn’t really figure in. Only one member appears and that’s on the last page. But overall, it was big, bright, loud and fun. I enjoyed it!

Verdict: Buy


Written by Andy Hartnell
Pencils by John Royle
Cover by J. Scott Campbell