Dorian: On the fields of Trensalore, on the fall of the 11th, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer , a question will be asked; a question  that must never ever be answered…

Doctor: Silence will fall when the question is asked…

Dorian: Silence must fall is a better translation.

The first question, the oldest question in the universe hidden in plain site… Doctor WHO?

Whovians were left with this question at the end of Season 6 and in true Moffat form we are kept wondering if this was just another question that would be left unanswered or would we really find out what the Doctor’s real name is.

In the biggest teaser that was given out at Comic-Con, showrunner Steven Moffat hints that about the Doctor’s real name:

“He never gives his name. Other Time Lords do. Everybody else does. He never gives his name. Now the show is called ‘Doctor Who.’ Clearly the question is tremendously important … And only I know why!”

When pressed about the subject if Moffat has an idea and just decided not to tell anyone, Moffat replies, “No, we actually find out the truth.” He goes on to say, “Have I found out the Doctor’s name? Do I have an idea?… Yes… You’ll see!”

Of course now the question begs another question and that is did someone actually name the Doctor from the very beginning (or at least sometime during the show’s long history) or is this something Moffat is creating on his own and could introduce as canon?

What Whovians do know is that Moffat is a very clever clever man and since he does write the words that come out of the Doctor’s mouth, we need to remember rule #1: The Doctor lies.

I really don’t recall many Time Lords giving out their real name as the Master is still known as the Master, although nicknames while the Doctor was in the Academy were given. (For you Classic Whovians you may recall the Doctor had the nickname Theta Sigma).  Also, if I were to really look into what Moffat was saying, he technically didn’t say he would reveal the Doctor’s name. He admitted he knows why the question of the Doctor’s name is important and he has an idea about it.

What do you think? The video segment of him answering the question at Comic-Con is below. Is the Doctor’s name going to be revealed? Is this just another teaser and misdirection from the great Moff himself?

As Matt Smith has said, ““Welcome to our life. It’s a succession of Steven knowing information, having the power to withhold it and smiling at us.” Indeed it is!

Source: Doctor Who TV