Collider got the exclusive scoop that Regency is in talks to develop the Top Cow comic series ‘The Darkness’. Producers David Hoberman and Todd Leiberman are currently negotiating the deal to obtain the screen rights. Additionally, ‘Total Recall’ director Len Wiseman would produce as well, alongside Top Cow’s Marc Silverstri and Matt Hawkins as Executive Producers.

Debuting in 1996, ‘The Darkness’ was created by Silverstri, Garth Ennis, and David Wohl. The story follows an ageless power called The Darkness whose origins date back to the creation of time. Since it’s birth, the Darkness has been at war with it’s mortal enemy The Angelus by inhabiting male hosts and enabling them to control anything they desire, until the host eventually met his demise. The current host, Jackie Estacado, has done better than his predecessors in staying alive and subduing the power, and the series chronicles his experiences with The Darkness.

Previously, Dimension Films had the rights to develop the comic into a film back in 2004 with a planned release of 2008, but nothing came of that adaptation. This comic seems ripe for a franchise considering how dense the mythology of the story is, which is probably what Regency was thinking when they decided to pursue the rights.

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