Just a few days ago the BBC announced that Dame Diana Rigg would be guest starring in an episode of ‘Doctor Who’ with her daughter Rachel Stirling. Since the episode required a lot of location shooting, leaked photos of the episode have appeared online as well as information from fans who were present during filming.

As the title suggests, there are quite a bit of spoilers, so if you’ve been trying to keep spoiler free then I truly suggest you move on to the next article. But if you insist on staying, here’s what has been found out about this episode.


As mentioned previously, the episode written by Mark Gatiss is rumored to be called ‘The Crimson Horror.’ It is currently scheduled to be the ninth episode in the upcoming season. The episodes will take place in the town of Sweetville where a mysterious factory, Brightwell and Hyman – Quality Matches, is located. Of the factory, it’s been overheard to have been said that:

“There is something very odd about that factory – nobody who goes in seems to come back out. And there’s never any smoke.”

(An homage to the film ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?’)

Dame Rigg is playing someone called Mrs. Gillyflower (who is also referred as “the ice lady” in the episode) who lures people to the factory where some kind of “process” occurs. Apparently, Mrs. Gillyflower had kidnapped the Doctor’s new companion Clara and taken here there.

Helping the Doctor rescue her is Catrin Stewart who has been verified to be reprising her role as Jenny and in a surprise confirmation (via photos) it also looks like Madame Vastra will also be on hand! The duo originally appeared in last season’s episode “A Good Man Goes to War.”

Earlier last week, Neve McIntosh had denied reports that her character Madam Vastra would be returning and would be infatuated by Clara: 

But when questioned by a fan, she did admit:

Jenny and Madame Vastra aren’t the only two from the past that will be making a comeback as it looks like a Sontaran will also be making an appearance. Dan Starkey will also be returning as a Sontaran! Whether or not he will play Commander/Nurse Strax is yet unconfirmed. As his character died in ‘A Good Man Goes to War,’ this episode could be occurring before the Doctor recruited him to help or he could be playing a whole new Sontaran all together as they do tend to look similar (and no that was not meant to be alien racist.) In this episode, he is seen carrying a jar of red liquid (crimson horror!).

So it looks like we’ll see some old friends returning in this episode which will air next year. As Mark Gatiss specifically wrote this one for Dame Rigg and her daughter, it will be one episode that I will be looking forward to watching! How about you?

‘Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror’ Set Photos:

 ‘Doctor Who’ Season 7 will return on the BBC and BBC America sometime in the Fall.

Source: Bleeding Cool, Digital Spy