20th Century Fox TV and Imagine TV are developing ‘The League of Pan,’ a fairytale-themed drama series that puts a modern day twist on the on the story of ‘Peter Pan.’

The concept is from Brian McCauley Johnson and is described as a re-imagining of the Peter Pan mythology set in modern day times 10 years after the Lost Boys left Neverland. The series will center around the Boys but in what capacity is unknown.

Now if you’re wondering when did the Lost Boys leave Neverland, then you’ll have to return to the original works of J.M. Barrie. In his play and novel, the Lost Boys end up returning to London with the Darling kids to live with their family while in the Disney movies only Peter leaves to grow up.

With the popularity of fairy tales on television (‘Once Upon a Time,’ ‘Grimm,’ and the upcoming ‘Beauty and the Beast), it isn’t too much of a surprise that another series would be trying to make the airways. The Peter Pan story, however, does seem to be the hot ticket these days as three films are currently in development: Sony’s ‘Neverland’ which was the brain child of Channing Tatum, ‘Pan’ starring Aaron Eckhart, and Disney’s ‘Tink’ starring Elizabeth Banks (Effie in ‘The Hunger Games’) in the title role. Now add this possible series to the list.

Imagine TV and 20th TV are now in the process of looking for a showrunner who will also co-write the pilot script with Johnson. Once that is done, the project will then be pitched to networks in hopes to be ready for the next season.

Source: Deadline