If you didn’t think the business of toy collecting was big, then you need to watch the series ‘Toy Hunter’ which airs on The Travel Channel.

‘Toy Hunter’ is a weekly half-hour series that follows acclaimed toy dealer Jordan Hembrough, founder of Hollywood Heroes, a New Jersey-based vintage and modern collectibles company, as he travels across the country hunting for the holy grail items he and his clients yearn for. Poking through cramped attics and rummaging around dirty garages to score that vintage item is all in a day’s work for Hembrough.

According to Andy Singer, General Manager for the Travel Channel, “ ’Toy Hunter’ takes viewers on the ultimate adventure across America. Our viewers will not only accompany Jordan on his passionate search for toys, but they will see items from their own childhoods that are sure to make them reminisce. They’ll be amazed at how much these old toys are worth today.”

Back in February, the Travel Channel had green lit the reality show for 12 half hour episodes after it had aired in January. The show netted several hundred thousand viewers and a network record for the most Facebook activity ever to be seen for a Travel Channel show. This prompted the channel to promote ‘Toy Hunter’ into a series.

Some of the toys Hembrough will be searching for this summer include a 1977 ‘The Six Million Dollar Man” Venus Space Probe, a 1977 GI Joe: “Pimp Daddy” Destro, a 1994 Jurassic Park Prototype,  a 1977 Luke Skywalker Telescoping Lightsaber, a 1982 Care Bears Treat Heart Pig and a 1959 Barbie #1 in box (with brunette hair). What is staggering is how much these toy items from our childhood can actually fetch!

‘Toy Hunter’ will premiere on the Travel Channel with 2 back to back episodes on Wednesday, August 15 at 10PM ET/PT before heading to its regular slot at 9PM ET/PT starting Wednesday, August 22nd.

If you missed the shows that aired in January, you can get a taste of what the series will bring on the Travel Channel site.