The season 3 premiere of AMC’s zombie epic ‘The Walking Dead’ might still be several months away but AMC isn’t about to let fans down. They’re constantly updating the official ‘Walking Dead’ site with cast and crew interviews, photos, and videos.

The latest video from the site gives fans a glimpse behind the scenes of the zombie attack on the farm at the finale of season 2. Even more interesting, we’re shown that not all of the zombies were extras in practical makeup. Instead, they were fully computer generated and then inserted into the shots. Take a look!

Inside ‘The Walking Dead’: Visual FX

What’s cool about this video is that, if AMC hadn’t pointed it out, I would’ve gone my entire life thinking that all of the zombies were physical creations of Greg Nicotero’s KNB EFX group. And I’ve seen enough movies that I can usually spot the computer generated FX a mile away so I have to hand it to the ‘Walking Dead’ gang for making some truly spectacular zombies. Let’s hope theres a ton more in season 3!

Also, be sure to catch a glimpse of ‘Walking Dead’ season 3 with special preview weekend this coming July 5-7 on AMC.