Well, the much hyped X-Men gay wedding is here as Jean-Paul Beaubier (better known as Northstar) prepares to wed his love, the non-mutant Kyle Jinadu. (Wait, wasn’t Northstar just lured into a trap, with Kyle serving as bait?  Yes, I… and this comic will get to that.) Jean-Paul is suffering jitters and chats with Bobby (Iceman) Drake. He then remembers facing off with a mind-controlled Kyle who attempts to warn Northstar to flee, but he stands his ground. Northstar uses the old “Fight this, Kyle… we can end this together” speech and like in, y’know 99% of every comic book, movie and TV show where it is utilized, it works. Kyle passes out from the exertion. Northstar is then confronted by the threat behind all of the recent mind-control shenanigans… Karma! She is badly injured and apologizes profusely, but admits that she is behind everything. She tells him everyone is free of her control now, then flees.

Later, in the infirmary, the X-Men seem concerned about Karma, but not enough to go look for her. At least Cecelia Reyes has checked with local hospitals, seeking a young woman with her injuries.

Kyle is upset that he nearly killed Jean-Paul, but he finally says “Yes” to his proposal. Then in the span of one week, they pull off the most elaborate weddings ever held in Central Park.  Storm ensures blue skies. Sasquatch offers to reorganize the seating assignments, since there are X-Men and Avengers intermingled. Warbird informs Jean-Paul that she will not be present, because “I do not recognize the validity of the ceremony vows.” I know the Shi’ar mate, so I take this as the token anti-gay stance. Jean-Paul asks Logan about Karma and he says he has a lead, but wants Jean-Paul to focus on this day, as he’ll never have another. Jean-Paul bonds with his sister, Aurora. Kyle overhears Jean-Paul professing his love. They chat and Kyle confirms that he is confident that they are making the right decision.

I don’t want to spoil everything, but like most super hero weddings there are some nice interactions, including some between characters that wouldn’t necessarily be interacting.  It’s simple and tasteful. No super villain attacks.

As for other points, I still don’t understand why Northstar and Kyle were singled out by Karma, or the force controlling her. Yeah, I don’t buy that she is the party responsible.  Maybe that’s wishful thinking, because I like her so I’m hoping someone else is pulling the strings, most likely Chimera of The Marauders.

The art is really nice. Once again, simple and tasteful. Not too splashy or stylized. Overall, pretty clean.

Will this go down as one of the best super hero weddings?  (For my money, no one will ever top Donna Troy’s marriage to Terry Long… 25 years ago… God, I’m old!) It’s hard to say, because Northstar isn’t the caliber of hero whose wedding would normally receive this much attention, including coverage in national mainstream outlets. He’s no Spider-Man or Superman. He’s not even a Cyclops/Jean Grey and I don’t believe their marriage was that big a deal outside of comics, yet they’re A-List Marvel heroes. But it’s the first gay super hero wedding, so it deserves a degree of celebration.

Verdict: Buy (If simply for the historical significance)

Written by Marjorie Liu
Art by Mike Perkins with Andrew Hennessy
Cover by Daniel Weaver and Rachelle Rosenberg