Previously on Eureka – Holly is saved from the Matrix and is now rooming with SARAH, Jack, Allison, Kevin, Jenna, Andy and Fargo in the bunker. (They haven’t really said if Jo is still crashing so there might still be a Jo too. That’s one crowded house!) Oh and – Jack and Allison get married! It’s not the storybook wedding anyone was hoping for but there was a romantic lake! Ok so they were trapped in a mobile lab UNDER the lake and the lab was quickly filling with water and they had to teleport out using a questionable machine but really it was ubber romantic (in a Eureka kind of way)!

Here there be SPOILERS….

Vincent gives Allison and Jack a couple’s double roast gift of coffee. (He is just the sweetest foodie ever!) Allison reminds Jack they still have to fill out paper work at GD in order for them to be legally wed. This is Jack’s last chance to run for the hills. He’s staying. Kevin asks for a ride to his friend’s. Allison’s cool with that but she’s got to pick up a visitor’s pass for his uncle Marcus on the way. Jack, “aaw Big brother’s coming to check in on little sister. It’s adorable!” Kevin, “it’s more like coming to check up on you.” His uncle’s a little on the prejudice side; not against white folks, against dumb folks. (oh poor Carter!)

Zane and Fargo are trying to build an interface between an AI house (SARAH) and a transhumant life form (Holly) – epic! It works! Holly is now a bit more stable. She’s not going to blink in and out randomly. But Holly is starting to get serious cabin fever. She wants out. Fargo tries to explain that it’s going to take time to get her mobile. They just got her system stabilized and he doesn’t want to risk scrambling her bits and bytes let alone lose her all together. She blips out in a huff (wow! That’s convenient in an argument!) but then she blips into the bathroom with Zane. (Awkward!) She begs him to get her out of there. (How can you resist Felicia Day?!?! She’s a puppy wrapped in a kitten wrapped in a unicorn!)

Carter shares his worry about the brotherly visit with his best bud, Andy. Kevin shows up begging Carter to help him with his presentation.  Computers aren’t Carter’s thing but he’ll give it a listen. Kevin even brought maple bars and Vincent’s new espresso blend. Kevin knows how to work Carter!

Zane and Henry are secretly working on creating a ‘home’ for Holly. Jo tries to be their voice of reason – or more like Fargo’s voice of reason. She really thinks they need to let Fargo in on the plan. She’s going to regret it (famous last words at GD) but she’ll run interference for them.

Carter has to call “uncle” after the 4th presentation run through. He’s had enough and can’t take any more tech jargon! Lucky for Jack there’s a loud crashing and beeping outside. Sherriff Carter springs to action out the door to investigate but fall on his backside when he runs into a set of dismembered bionic legs. Hilariousness ensues as the legs jump around all over the square until finally getting Jack into a triangle choke. At this very inopportune moment Allison arrives with her brother, Marcus. (Interesting note – Dr. Marcus Blake is played by Salli Richardson’s real life husband Dondre Whitfield )

Everyone looks on in bewilderment. Jack, “Well this takes restless leg syndrome to a whole new level!” The legs bounce, almost happily, on the bed in the jail cell. Outside the cell, the human conversation gets very awkward with all the PhD talk. Marcus can be a very hard man to impress. Allison’s going to give Marcus a tour of GD while Jack tracks down the owner of the bouncing legs.

Zane and Henry have successfully transported Holly to… Henry’s garage. Not even a lateral move by Holly’s standards but wait there’s more! Jo’s arrives with the run-away legs but Zane’s moved past the biotic limbs to … tada! Project Habeas Corpus! Jo’s just a little peeved with all of the tech Zane has acquired. It’s going to be worth it! They are going to build a living breathing body for Holly. They can make a biological photo copy of Holly by lacing her DNA on the lattice work of the bio engineered body. (Does anyone else have the song ‘Weird Science’ running through their head?)

Dr. Marcus Blake is actually signing autographs as he tours GD. He really is a big celebrity with all of the GD scientists isn’t he?  Once they escape the mass of adoring fans, Allison gets the same flak from her brother about not telling the family about the wedding. They didn’t even know she was dating! Marcus, “What do you have in common? He’s not exactly Nathan Stark.” (OUCH. Low blow Marcus.) Allison thinks Jack is one of the greatest men she’s ever known and he loves her. (Geek girl aaaaaaaaaw!)

Meanwhile, Parrish is outraged that Zane was made head of Section 5 so he’s going to take note of every rule he breaks. He’s violated 22 just this morning. Jo will make sure it’s brought to Fargo’s attention. Parrish has the look of “I don’t believe a word Jo Lupo.”

Diner at the bunker is all kinds of awkward especially when Jack starts talking… smart. Everyone, especially Allison is baffled by his new gift of gab. By the looks on Kevin’s face he slipped a little summin summin in that presentation he showed Jack. Jack’s a little peeved at first but then the look on Marcus’ face made it all worth it.

The next morning Allison finds Jack still at the dinning table reading. He couldn’t sleep so he stayed up all night putting together a puzzle while simultaneously reading both Marcus’ and Allison’s books. He’s also cooking something up in the oven that isn’t quite food. At the office, Jack has memorized all of the police codes. Since Jack’s all smart now he doesn’t need Andy any more so he’s going to talk to the D.O.D. to get him reassigned! (Oh nooo! You can’t get rid of Andy!)

At GD – Parrish confronts Jo about her relationship with Zane. He thinks she’s never going to turn him in because they’re doing the horizontal Mambo. Once on the elevator she admits she’s not happy with Zane being head of section 5. She thinks Parrish should help her track all of Zane’s infractions. (Way to use those feminine gifts Jo!)

Speaking of Zane… He and Henry are testing a blank bio model. Everything seems to be working great. They power her up to see how she runs. It’s ALIVE! But just like always everything goes plooey gooey and she melts. The processer just heats up too much to handle the data dump.

At GD – Parrish is dragging in techs to ‘interview’ but Jo botches it. She’s got to do something drastic. She can’t concentrate because of… Parrish! She can’t work with his magnetism. She admits there’s an attraction building… He stops her mid-sentence.  He can understand the attraction but they have to be professional. (That was fabulous Jo!)

At Café Diem – Allison talks to Kevin about how strange Jack’s been acting. Kevin successfully ducks the conversation. Marcus has set up a book signing. Jack jumps to the front of the line with a heavily stick-note riddled book. He has a whole bunch of “problems” to discuss with Marcus. He’s going to prove his point using Marcus’ car.  It doesn’t really work the way it’s supposed to. Well it works exactly the way Jack said it would but not the way Marcus thought it would. The car blows up. Jack laughs with a “science is fun!”

Jack and Marcus talk serious tech over the smoldering remains of Marcus’ car. The smarter Carter is terrifying Allison. His new plan is to use Andy as the super computer they need to test his new theory. Super Jack just called Andy a robot! “If it blows up we can just order another one.” (This smarter Carter is terrifying me too Allison!)

Kevin finally admits to his mom he dosed Jack with a cognitive enhancement drug to help his memory but it’s supposed to be temporary. Kevin is now grounded till he’s 30. (Drugging your stepdad is bad kids – even if you’re trying to help.)

Jack is able to supe up Andy. While he’s on the phone with Allison trying to explain the magnificence he has done, all of GD goes dark. (I think supped-up Andy got hungry.)

Zane and Henry have figured out that the problem with the bio body for Holly keeps overheating. (See where this is going? They’re going to use that new tech Jack created to help Holly!) Parrish storms in the garage and busts them all for the stolen equipment.

Jo finds Andy pulling power directly from the power grid. Jo gets him to stop by telling him he’s putting the town at risk. Instead of going with her nicely he jolts her and takes off.

Allison tells Jack that the enhancement drug is tinkering with his Z-waves. It’s making him smarter by the minute but it’s also making him less emotional.

Parrish can be so friggin sweet sometimes! He tells Holly she can trust him always. And at that moment Fargo storms the garage with GD security. (Dang it Parrish! Why do you have to be a putz?!)

Andy is on an energy sucking rampage all over Eureka. If he’s not stopped he’s going to go into a meltdown. Jack’s become completely insensitive to the situation. He no longer has emotions other than consuming knowledge. Marcus convinces him that Jack needs to save Andy. Jack agrees because then he can salvage the processor core.

Fargo is ten shades of pissed at Zane and Henry endangering Holly. Holly is ten shades of pissed about being trapped in a house.

The Andy situation is critical as he almost runs down Zane and Jo after he steals the cooling core out of Café Diem. The next stop? Home sweet bunker; the only place in town with a nuclear power source. Allison and Jo try to talk him out of hurting SARAH. He doesn’t care anymore. He needs power! Jo’s gun might not hurt him but a jolt from SARAH might. YAY! Allison is able to break through to Andy’s emotions! She reminds him of his time on Titan and how he missed SARAH so much. He finally gives in.

Jack is able to undo the “improvements” to Andy. Sweet old Andy is back! Now if they can do the same thing to Jack. Allison would like her husband back. Jack, “I’m right here just better.” Not exactly Jack. You’re missing the best part of you – your heart.

Fargo goes back to the garage to talk to Holly.  He’s going to find a way to make the bio Xerox work. (And another geek girl aaaaaaaaaaaaw! He called her his Princess Leia! Geek love is amazing!)

Dr. Blake, Dr. Blake and Smarter Carter are working together to reverse the neural boost.  While Jack is out for a bit, Marcus admits he may have judged Jack too early. He’s perfect for his little sister. Jack wakes feeling ‘slower.’

Later at the bunker – Jack apologizes to Andy for being a creep. Allison and Jack finally sign the D.O.D. compliance forms while Marcus witnesses the documents. You may now kiss the bride. It’s officially official!

This has been the most romantic season of Eureka ever! Every episode has made me go “aaaaaaw” at least a half dozen times!  Jack and Allison – Jo and Zane – Fargo and Holly – Andy and SARAH – now all they have to do is get Grace back to Henry and the couple continuum will be complete!

I believe there are only 4 episodes left. That’s not many but it’s enough to get GD, Eureka and all of the crew into more great catastrophes!

What are your fondest memories of this season so far? Heck what are your fondest memories from all 5 seasons?!?!