When we last saw the cast of True Blood, Jason had been confronted by Reverend Steve Newlin. Eric and Bill had just killed members of the Vampire Authority. Pam had just been dismissed by Eric. Jessica had told Jason she just wanted to be friends with benefits. But the biggest shock of them all was Tara being shot in the head by Debbie Pelt, with Sookie retaliating by shooting Debbie in the head. We’ve waited a year to find out what will happen to Tara, tonight we find out if she will live, or die, or both. Warning, there are spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t finished Season 4 or haven’t seen this episode yet, you might want to beware of whats ahead!

Eric cleans Bill’s place while Bill calls Jessica telling her that he’s been called away. Bill and Eric hear Sookie wailing about Tara, but Eric says to ignore it. She had left both of them. LaFayette hears the gunshot from Debbie and rushes downstairs to see Sookie holding Tara. Eric and Bill are captured by the Vampire Authority before they can help Sookie. Pam walks in on Tara’s death, LaFayette asks her to turn Tara ito a vampire. Pam agrees as long as Sookie owes her one and that she will fix whatever is wrong between her and her maker. Sookie agrees, so Pam turns her. Reverend Newlin tells Jason he’s just there to talk to him. He says he has no one else to turn to. Newlin doesn’t know how to be a vampire. He had woken up in the ground with a strange woman who didn’t even tell him her name. Newlin does know how to glamour though, and glamours his way into Jason’s home. A group of wolves stand in front of Sam, one of them shifts into a woman who asks where Marcus is. He tries to reason with them, but they won’t hear of it. Sam shifts into an owl and flies away.

Pam lays in the ground next to Tara where Sookie and LaFayette bury them. Sam goes to Luna, telling her that the pack is coming after them. Luna tells him to say it was Alcide, but Sam refuses because of honor. Sam agrees to go with them as long as they leave Luna and Emma alone. Newlin ties up Jason, telling him that he wants him to have a free and clear mind after he takes off the glamour. He tells him that he doesn’t care that he slept with Sara, what hurt him was that she got to sleep with him. He says that he was been blessed with the gift of immortality he’s very proud to say he’s a gay vampire American, and that he’s in love with Jason. Jason tells him that he is flattered, that he forgives him for being murderous but he tells him honestly that he is not gay. Jessica comes in and says that Jason is hers. Jason recinds his invitation, throwing Newlin out. Jessica and Jason make love in response.

Bill and Eric talk in the trunk how vampires are not brought to the authority just to be questioned. Eric is able to grab an umbrella, where they pierce a hole in the gas tank. Eric lights a lighter, blowing up the car. Eric and Bill and blown from the scene, Eric pulling up Bill. One of the guards tries to stop him, but before he can fire the gun he is wielding he is staked from behind. Eric says her name is Nora and gives her a very passionate hello. He explains to Bill that Nora is his sister. Sookie and LaFayette clean up Debbie Pelt’s body. Sookie explains that she murdered Debbie, it wasn’t self defense. Nora is only connected with Eric through their maker, and Godric is gone. She says she would do anything for Eric. There are factions within the authority. Nora is also the Chancellor of the Authority. Eric and Bill will have to say goodbye to Louisiana forever, because if they return it will be the true death for them and for Nora.

LaFayette and Sookie go into LaFayettes place. Jesus’ body is gone. LaFayette explains to Sookie he doesn’t want to leave, he wants to say goodbye. Sookie leaves to wait in the car while LaFayette reaches out using what magic he has to say goodbye. He asks how he is to keep on living. Holly wakes up with Andy in bed and her sons walking in on them. Terry and Arlene fight lightly about the man he used to be in front of Terry’s friend. He tells the kids that fires aren’t something to be taken lightly after a spell. Sookie showers, flashes back to a time when Tara stood up for Sookie on the playground. LaFayette stares at his hands as Sookie leaves the bathroom. LaFayette stares sadly off in the distance while laying the bathtub. He eyes Sookie’s razor. Alcide comes to see Sookie, telling her they need to talk. Sookie notices a tooth of Debbie’s on the floor, kicks it away before Alcide sees. Alcide tells her that Russell Edgington is on the loose, angered that the vampires never told her what really happened.

Judge Clemons goes to see Andy, asking him to take care of a ticket that his son had gotten for a speeding. Andy says it’s taken care of, and the judge pays his lunch. Jason confronts Hoyt, and he admits that he had slept with Jessica more than once. Hoyt tells him to leave. Alcide tells Sookie to come stay with him. She tells him that she won’t stay with him, right before Sookie tells him why LaFayette interrupts. He has shaved his head, so no self harm is evident. He tells Alcide they don’t want anymore supernaturals in their lives. Alcide tells her again to come stay with him, but she continues to tell him no. LaFayette says that the sun is going down soon, that they should be there for Tara when it does.

Sam is being tortured by the pack to find out where Marcus’ body is. Martha, one of the wolves, comes to talk to Sam. She says they need Marcus’ body back to perform their rituals when the packmaster dies. Martha tells him that if Sam leads them to Marcus they will leave Emma and Luna alone. Eric and Nora have sex in the container while Bill waits outside. Alcide calls Eric about Russell. Jessica parties with college students, putting green streaks in her hair. She doesn’t accept their invitation to their college. Jason stops by the house, hearing the party invites himself in. Terry goes out for a cigarette, Patrick comes to talk to him. He lost his home in the fire. Their entire squad had suffered fires. There was a night in Iraq, but that all is said because Arelne comes in. Patrick had come to stop Terry, thinking he was the one doing it. But he was wrong, and is now trying to track down Private Ellis. Patrick walks away.

Jason gets jealous over one of the college boys who is kissing Jessica. Jason goes home with Cami, one of the college girls. Jessica is jealous but continues her game. Jason tells Cami she doesn’t want to have sex tonight, confusing her. He tells her that she’s a real nice girl but that he is confused over someone else. He tells her exactly what would happen, that he wouldn’t call, and he doesn’t want to be an asshole anymore. Sookie and LaFayette wait for Pam and Tara to emerge. Two wolves dig up Marcus’ body. Alcide shows up with Luna, Sam swears at Luna. Martha eats Marcus’ body.

Bill, Nora, and Eric walk to a boat, where there are presented with new papers. The Vampire Authority surround them. Pam emerges, angry about the amount of dirt. Sookie digs for Tara, whose eyes are still closed underground. Sookie sobs, LaFayette returns with food, his heart breaking at the sight of Sookie crying over Tara’s body. Tara suddenly jumps from the ground, attacking Sookie.

It was an interesting beginning to True Blood, I really am going to enjoy Eric and Bill’s story this season I think. I feel like what they did with Tara was kind of predictable, although the irony of her being a vampire is not lost on me. I love Pam, although I really am hoping they don’t turn her into someone just pining for Eric. Sookie seems to be showing some backbone, and I’m impressed with that. After she seemed so whiny last season its nice to see the girl show some spine.

What did you think of the first episode of Season 5? How do you feel about Tara being a vampire now? Whose story do you think you’ll find most interesting?