Ever since ‘The Avengers’ hit theaters and started to kill at the box office during it’s opening weekend, there has been talk about the sequel. While we’re not 100% sure that Joss Whedon will return to helm the project, we do know that if he does, he’d like more ladies to be present on the team. If this latest rumor is true, then Marvel might be on board with that idea.

According to Abby Chandler of Badhaven (via CBM), Joe Quesada said at his Cup O’ Joe panel at Kapow! Comic Con 2012 that a script for a Ms. Marvel movie is just about ready to go. Chandler reported:

“A script for a Ms/Captain Marvel movie is ready to go. They just needed an actress. Marvel are having a meeting in a couple of weeks and will be ready to announce some films then … He said we’d be pleasantly surprised.”

That sounds like great news, considering that Ms. Marvel was a top choice from us to join the team, but CBM’s Josh Wilding, who also attended this panel, said that Quesada said no such thing. It is believed that Chandler spoke with Quesada after the panel and the reporter just didn’t make it clear when Quesada revealed the info, but who really knows? I’m sure good ol’ Joe will have something to say about this soon to confirm or deny the comments.

If anything, I’ll bet the truest thing in that statement is that Marvel will announce some films in a few weeks. I mean, tis the season for comic-cons, so everyone is probably gearing up to make some big announcements. Kevin Feige even dropped hints while doing press for ‘The Avengers’ that an announcement for Phase 2 would come shortly, so it’s not so far fetched to believe that part.

As for the Ms. Marvel part of the report, time will tell as to when we’ll see Carol Danvers onscreen in a live action capacity. It’s too bad that it won’t be in ‘AKA Jessica Jones’, but there’s still hope in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!