Every day we enter numbers – enter then into the ATM, enter them into our phones, into our computers. They don’t mean anything. Or do they?

Here there be SPOILERS….

Hundreds of multicolored shipping crates, fish on the ocean, school buses parked in a lot, herons flying…

“Symmetry is the language of the universe. It is written in mathematical language and the letters are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures”

Jake inspects large multicolor 20 side die, each containing one number on its sides.

“without which it is humanly impossible to comprehend a single word.”

Clea enters a storage room filled to capacity with file boxes, folders and papers.

“But some of us can speak it. We see the precise patterns.”

Bees working on a honey comb. A young man wheels a handtruck full of fruit crates. He helps a smiling young woman, dressed in traditional Muslim clothes, bag some oranges. He touches her hand and they both smile.

“Those geometric shapes rotated and reflected, infinitely repeated.”

A reporter interviews a man in front of a Fox 5 News van in a shipping yard.

“And when you speak the language, follow the logic, you can predict the next step.”

A woman taking pictures walks through a waterfront vegetable market. She snaps a picture of a juggler, then a couple smelling oranges, then two teen girls.

“You just have to trust where the path leads.”

Martin struggles to keep up with a fast paced Jake. The woman looks at them as though she knows them. Jake goes directly to a coin operated distance viewer. Martin tells him a story of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with his mom to get Italian Ices. He swings the viewer to the spot but Jake swings it back. Martin tries again but Jake is insistent. He steps back and looks at his dad. When Martin looks through the viewer he sees shipping containers marked “Mobius: Global Enterprises.” If you combine the 25 cent sign and the position indicator, 45 this week’s number is revealed – 2545. Auntie Abigail walks up them with a “there’s my little man.” Martin’s trying a different approach. Instead of fighting Abigail, he’s trying to reason with her. He knows that his wife would want Jake to know his aunt. He begs her to help him stop the center from shipping Jake off to a facility. He asks her to try and pull strings to get Clean reassigned to Jake. Abigail agrees to call.

Avram is skyping in Hebrew with a gray haired man when Martin and Jake arrive at Teller’s study. As Clea and Martin talk, Jake pulls some boxes out ever so slightly in a tower that looks like box Jenga. He then adds our latest numbers to the Amelia Sequence. The box Jenga topples revealing a check made out to Teller for $10,000 from a shipping company – Mobius to be exact. Avram tells them that Mobius was funding Tellers research. He also tells them Jake is trying to tell them something and they need to pay attention. (Avram knows far more than what’s in the Kabala. I don’t trust him.) Martin finally connects his thoughts to the shipping containers Jake showed him earlier so he’s off to find out more.

In the shipping yard – Martin breaks in through a padlocked fence. (Really Martin?) He finds the office empty with everything covered in plastic. As he’s leaving he sees 2545 on a truck. The truck is unlocked so he ruts around finding a cell phone, set of keys and a jacket. Before he can get anything off the cell phone some angry workers show up mistaking him for the driver, Mike. Martin just rolls with it. (Again I say – Really Martin?! How the hell are you going to pull this off?) It seems he’s supposed to drive the truck for something a little shady – one of the guys pulls a gun out, “can’t be too careful.”

The plan is to steal from the man that’s already receiving hot goods. They want to get back at him for doing something to Joey, the guy sitting next to Martin/Mike. The shipment they’re looking for… 2545.

The young man sneaks a kiss from the young woman as she teaches him how to stock a grocery shelf. They are living like Romeo and Juliet, “your people kill my people and my people kill your people.” The old Jewish man that was talking to Avram interrupts them. The young man wants to buy a promise ring but the old man won’t sell it to him. He thinks the girl’s brother will sell it for explosives.

At the center – Strepling challenges Jake to finish a pattern using the large multi-color die (how did she get those?! Does she know about Teller’s hidden office?) while a shadow man on the computer observes. Jake is rocking and breathless. This is obviously putting a strain on Jake. As Clea arrives at the center she sees them on a monitor as security. Strepling is caught off guard, closes the laptop and makes up some phony excuse about the blocks. When Clea says hello to Jake, he shows her two of the blocks… 25 and 45. The laptop and shadow observer didn’t go unnoticed.

The young man seeking the ring gets a call from Avram. The old man wouldn’t sell it to him. Avram will sort it out. (I’m beginning to think Avram may be one of these 36 himself. He’s always making sure things happen or information is shared at just the right moment.)

At the docks – the shipping crates they’re looking for aren’t there. In their place are customs agents.

Avram comes through with the ring. Before he can give the ring to her she tells him that the guards took her brother to prison. Her brother has a message for her but she can’t get in because she’s Palestinian. She asks him to go. At first he offends her by thinking her brother may very well be a terrorist. She’s upset that he won’t do this for her and walks off. (In the US usually all you need to worry about is if your love’s family are dead beats. In the Middle East you need to worry about a lot more.)

The guys want Martin to go in and find out where Nelson is rerouting the shipment. Martin relents. Nelson looks suspicious but tells Martin that it’s going to pier C. Before Martin goes back to the other guys he calls Clea. He asks if Jake showed her any numbers. Yup – 2545. He lets her know that this time Jake’s number may make him do something illegal. When Martin meets up with the guys they say Glen called. Big Mike got arrested last night. (Martin is SO busted.) While the guys are roughing up Martin, a lady photography interrupts. All the guys play off the roughing up as new guy initiation. The photographer is Joey’s wife. She brought his lunch and needs money for her prescriptions. He sends her off with a bit of cash and a kiss. Joey wants to know why Martin didn’t blab. Martin does his weekly, “I know this is going to sound crazy…”

The young man goes to the prison. The brother tells him that he was trying to get a friend out of Israel. The message must be delivered tonight or his friend and family will die. The message is “9808 has changed. It is now 2545.”

The young man asks Avram if the numbers mean anything. 9 means strife and anger. 8 represents death and decay. 2 stands for emotional strength and attraction. 4 is connected to Venus the planet of love. 5 is strength and wisdom. So 9808 becoming 2545 is very good news. Then Avram sees 2545, the numbers Jake added to the Amelia Sequence. Clea asks what the blocks are. Avram calls them Teller’s toy. They are the five Platonic solids – building blocks of life. Each shape corresponds to an element. The 12 side block is ether. (And I was wrong to call it 20 side. It’s actual a 12 sided.) It represents the zodiac. Why was Strepling testing Jake with these same blocks?

At the docks – Joey explains that his wife was diagnosed with MS. Nelson, the boss, fired him because the insurance company complained it was costing too much. Martin asks the guys to take a leap of faith and trust him. Afterall, he’s the only one that knows where the shipment is now. They find the shipment. But the place is crawling with Customs Agents. One guy will find the location of the container while another takes care of security. Joey and Martin wait in the truck.

While Strepling is out of the office on a group outing, Clea snoops around for the laptop. Strepling walks in unexpected. Clea thinks fast and grabs a directory she was “missing.” Strepling notices a paperclip out of place. (A paperclip? She notices a paperclip?! I don’t buy that. But ok writers I’ll roll with it as a story tool.)

The container is now located in row 9808F. The diversion, a forklift accidently knocking barrels into and around the customs officer’s car, works like a charm. Martin and Joey head for the shipping container.

Joe’s wife is developing pictures. (Such a dying art in this digital age.) She finds a picture of Martin and Jake.

Martin and Joey think they’re busted as a bunch of police cars come racing towards them with lights flashing and sirens blaring. The cops just scream on past them though. The police surround the shipping crate marked 9808. When they bust it open they find oranges. This is obviously not the shipping crate holding the stolen electronic equipment the guys are looking for. While they argue what to do next, Joey goes MIA.

Each kid from the center has a tablet. They are challenged to play a game. The tablets track their exact location; the objective is to walk in the longest line without crossing paths or going outside the red boundary. Jake doesn’t move. Clea whispers to him that someone else was watching him take the test earlier. Jake looks directly at Strepling’s laptop. He then enters 2545 into his tablet which increases the red boundary of the game. The kids take off in all different directions. While Strepling is occupied with wrangling children, Clea nabs the laptop. Jake smiles! Clea sees something on there that makes her smile too.

Martin finds the missing Joey. Joey’s new plan is to use the gun to steal the money out of the safe in Nelson’s office. Martin’s plan? Tackle the guy to keep him from going to the office.

Tomer tells Kamilah that he saw her brother and they need to deliver the message. According to her brother, they need to wish her uncle Michael “Happy Birthday?” She only has one uncle named Michael and he lives in America. That must be the one so they give him a call.

The cell phone in Martin’s pocket rings. (Really Martin? You’re going to answer the cell phone that belongs to the guy you’re impersonating?) If Martin would stop saying, “HELLO?! Who is this? What do you want?!” he could hear Tomer telling him that 9808 has changed to 2545. He finally gets the message when they repeat it. When they find the shipping container it doesn’t hold electronics this time either; it’s holding people – people from Israel.

Clea meets with Abigail and calls her out on knowing Teller. She tells her of the geometric blocks used in testing. She then sees one of those blocks reproduced in crystal sitting on a table. She tells Abigail that Strepling was giving that test to Jake while a man from Astercorp, the company Abigail works for, watched. Abigail has a look of disbelief. (Now do we believe Abigail? Is she a pawn being used by Astercorp or is she bluffing?)

The news reporter is interviewing Joey. He’s being hailed a hero for saving all of these lives. His wife arrives. Joey has to tell her all about losing his job. Martin forces Nelson to give Joey his job back. He gives Nelson the number to a reporter at the Harold. He can get a good lawyer there that will help him through the human trafficking changes if he rolls on the guys that set him up. He’ll only give Nelson the number if he gives Joey his job back.

“We’re all a part of this infinite desolation, each a single cell in the honey comb. And though individual pieces in this puzzle may never physically touch …”

Joey’s wife gives Martin the picture of him and Jake.

“They all form part of the same grand mosaic. “

Martin tucks Jake into bed.

“Like bricks in a wall. The whole is made stronger by each brick.”

Tomer proposes to Kamilah.

“Remove one and it all comes crumbling down.”

Joey lovingly helps his wife as her hand shakes picking up an orange.

“Though we may not realize it, the integrity of this wall is tested daily but the wall holds…”

Martin places the picture in a frame and places it next to Jakes bed.

“Because of everyone’s collective support.”

Clea drops the bomb that Astercorp is continuing Tellers testing. First they were after Amelia, now they’re after Jake.

Tessellation is the process of creating a two-dimensional plane using the repetition of a geometric shape with no overlaps and no gaps.

This is going to sound strange to most but… I don’t like that there was so much information given in these last two episodes. I love this show for the mystery. I like the way they’ve let little things slide into the light. I don’t want to be spoon fed everything. I want to think about it, figure it out and get that AH HA moment. I can forgive the little writer flops (a paperclip out of place) when I’m busy thinking about the mystery.

What do you think?

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