In the pages of ‘Green Lantern Corps’ #8, the Corps began dealing with the fallout of Lantern Stewart’s decision to kill a fellow Green Lantern rather than let him divulge sensitive information to the dastardly Keepers. As the issue closed, the Alpha Lanterns had arrived to arrest John for his crime.

As this issue opens, Guy Gardner and a host of Green Lanterns stand up to the Alpha Lanterns in an attempt to protect John. There’s nearly a complete throwdown between the Lanterns on both sides. In an effort to stop the violence, the Alphas show footage of John actually killing Kirrt. That’s when things begin to turn sour and…

…here there be SPOILERS.

As the Lanterns stand their ground on the belief that the Alphas have tampered with the footage in some way, John finally drops a bombshell and tells the Lanterns the true. After John finally confesses to the murder of Lantern Kirrt, things turn sour as Lanterns begin to split into groups. One one side, there are those that want to string John up for his crime; On the other are those that believe John did what was best for the Corps and the safety of the entire universe. John surrenders to the Alpha Lanterns and is taken to the sciencells to await trial. I won’t go into the trial because, while some of it goes as you’d expect with Lanterns stating John’s case, the ending might be more shocking than you’d expect.

End of spoilers.

In this second chapter of the ‘Alpha War’, it’s clear that the Guardians are still manipulating things to their advantage and have some kind of a plan to eliminate the entire Green Lantern Corps. What the Alphas and Guy Gardner’s recent promotion have to do with this remains to be seen but I really wish the Lanterns would find a way to get rid of the little blue eggheads and put an elected Lantern in charge of the Corps. I guess we’ll find out next month as ‘Alpha War’ continues.

Verdict: Buy

Written by PETER J. TOMASI