After a recap of last episode, this week opens with cats on the surface of Mount Plun-Darr pushing a cart along. The cat we’re following at first falls to the ground and is soon whipped by a towering rat, and then the scene changes to two cats inside the mountain.

These two new cats are walking along, searching for something. They soon come to a giant red gemstone blocking their path. The pair use their pickaxes to attack the gem, and just when it seems they’ve gotten through–a cave-in happens. Well that ain’t good.

Back at the surface, an older rat named Mordax tells his boss Ratar-O that there’s been another cave-in. Ratar-O bemoans the loss of two of his beloved cats–and then comments it’s a good thing the lizards are selling them at such a good price. He chooses two more cats to send into the pit, and Mordax unlocks their chains to lower them down.

The male cat shoves Mordax down, which allows he and the female cat to make a break for it. Ratar-O gives chase, of course, and when he catches them … they’re blown to smithereens by his magic swords. Mind you, this is after Ratar-O has the chance to gloat about the once-great cats now being slaves. Naturally.

Lion-O and the other cats hide above the mining camp, talking about Ratar-O’s search for the Sword of Plundarr. Seems like that sword is a rival in power to the Sword of Omens. Which would make it Very Bad if Mumm-Ra got his hands on it. Cheetara offers to go see about the sword, and Tygra immediately volunteers to help her. She asks if he thinks she can’t handle it herself … and then he asks her why she’d want to, when she could handle it with him? Oh dear jebus is that some horrid flirting.

After Lion-O tells them to be careful, Pumyra realizes that Lion-O’s got a thing for Cheetara. And she then suggests he move on to someone else. OK, so she’s gone from wanting to kill the king of the ThunderCats to wanting to play scratching post just from last episode? (Yes, I had to go there.) Thank goodness for Panthro, who stops the flirting in its tracks.

Tygra grabs some shackles from the guard tent and places them loosely on both his and Cheetara’s wrists so they can get near the sword. It’s all going to plan … until a rat stops them and actually locks the shackles. Tygra’s staying positive though–this’ll make their disguise more convincing. Cheetara’s only response is that Tygra’s lucky he’s cute. D’oh!

Lion-O offers a sick old miner some water, and the old cat is overjoyed to see his king. There’s a brief discussion, which is quickly ended when Pumyra catches the shadow of a rat beating a cat. She leaps into action against Lion-O and Panthro’s wishes. The three cats make quick work of the rats, but Lion-O steps in to save Mordax from Pumyra’s blade. He gives a speech about mercy being a strong tool … and then Mordax gets Panthro and Pumyra to drop their weapons when he presses a knife to Lion-O’s back. Oops.

Tygra and Cheetara volunteer to head into the cavern and search for the sword. The rat who sends them down comments that maybe their bravery will save them from the curse. Which of course Tygra doesn’t believe in–and right when he says he’s right about everything? The elevator breaks.

Cheetara quickly extends her staff to stop her descent, and Tygra latches on with his whip. They watch the elevator crash to the ground, but Tygra still doesn’t believe in the curse. Besides, even if it did exist, it wouldn’t be a match for them–or so he says. Ugh … stop with the flirting already and get back to the action!

Lion-O, Panthro, and Pumyra are taken in chains before Ratar-O, where they’re treated to a story about his ancestor–Ratilla–finding the Sword of Plun-Darr in a swamp. The rats fought to take what they deserved, and Ratar-O adds that the ThunderCats didn’t want to share power. So they sent the wizard Jaga to destroy the magic of Plun-Darr. Jaga used the Sword of Omens to defeat Ratilla, and then placed a curse over the blade. That allowed Mount Plun-Darr to grow around the sword and hide it forever.

Except now Ratar-O is hunting out the blade, and once he finds the sword he plans to use it to take back his birthright and rule over the rats once again. Why do I get the feeling Ratilla was a jerk of a king? Oh, and Ratar-O also orders Mordax to kill Lion-O and the others. Awesome.

Tygra refutes a litany of curse evidence with several logical explanations–freak accident, shoddy equipment, etc. And there’s no proof cats died down in the tunnels. Until they find a skeleton pinned beneath a fallen stalactite.  More rocky missiles shake loose from the roof, and the pair bolt for safety. Once they get past the danger, they lay eyes on the Sword of Plun-Darr in the rock. It’s then Cheetara recognizes the magic as Jaga’s handiwork. She easily bases through the crystal protecting the sword, and Tygra starts to make another crack about the curse. Except now Cheetara tells him not to taunt it, which is a very good idea. They yank the sword free … and something moves in the rock above.

Lion-O and the others are on their knees in the throne room. Mordax moves to kill Lion-O, when a tremor rushes through the room and stones fall from the ceiling. One appears to crush Ratar-O …

Down below, Tygra and Cheetara stand among the falling rocks. They’re convinced they won’t make it, so Tygra kisses her to make the most of their last moments together. When the rocks stop falling, however, they’re still standing. Huzzah!

Back above, Lion-O comes to in the ruined throne room. Panthro and Pumyra both lie unconscious under fallen pieces of ceiling, and Lion-O moves to help them. Then Ratar-O attacks, and taunts our favorite king about the cats being his slaves. He’ll soon rule all he surveys … right after he puts Lion-O down. Mordax presses a blade against Lion-O’s back. Ratar-O orders his underling to kill the ThunderCat king, but Mordax stops because he can’t figure out why Lion-O treated him better than Ratar-O did. He then decides to throw his blade down, and kicks the Sword of Omens over to Lion-O. See? Mercy does work.

Lion-O defeats Ratar-O in short order–he bashes back the rat’s powers using the gauntlet portion of the Sword to protect himself. Then he and Panthro pull Pumyra out from under the rubble and free the rest of the cats. It’s then Tygra and Cheetara rejoin them, carrying the Sword of Plun-Darr. Cheetara tells them the sword isn’t for cats to use; they should instead take it to the Tower of Omens before Mumm-Ra finds out it’s been unearthed. Bit of a problem with that …

As Panthro points out Mumm-Ra’s army already massing nearby!

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