On the heels of the international trailer that was released yesterday comes a new featurette for ‘Prometheus’ called ‘Creations.’

What makes ‘Creations’ unique from the other featurettes that have been circulated is that it has separate segments featuring comments and footage about the story of ‘Prometheus’, the sets and the cast. I particularly liked the segment about the storyline of the film and how Damon Lindelof and Jon Spaihts were included to give their feelings about how the script came together. In the last featurette and in interviews with the cast, the consensus of the enormity of the sets that Scott built just to help the actors get engulfed in the film has been mentioned. It’s not until you see in this featurette how extensive and elaborate Scott was with building the sets that you can truly appreciate his effort in making this film the epic movie that we are expecting it to be.

The countdown begins as ‘Prometheus’ will debut in theaters on June 8th.

‘Prometheus’ Featurette ‘Creations’: