I was just a tad dissatisfied with the first installment of ‘Smallville Season 11.’  Not that it was bad, but it was so short and there was just so much ground that needed to be covered.  So in a few areas, it felt just the tiniest bit short.  I hate to sound overly critical, because what was there was good!  I guess I just felt I needed a bit more, when upon reading the second strip, I realized, maybe all I needed was more patience!

This installment really delivers!  Last issue was an amuse bouche.  Here is where the meal really begins!  (Also, if you don’t want to be spoiled, DO NOT scroll all the way to end of this review!)

Last issue had the requisite action sequence, but with that out of the way, this installment fills us in on the two most important relationships on Smallville, including one that’s been absent for quite some time.

First, and most importantly, what’s going on with Lois and Clark?  They’re carrying on in their domestic bliss, despite cancelling their wedding.  Clark asks if they should send the gifts back, but Lois says they only postponed the wedding.  Lois is wearing a Superman tee shirt, which is cute, but Clark comments that “They got the ‘s’ wrong.”  Lois responds, “This thing is impossible to draw the same way twice,” speaking on behalf of EVERY kid that’s ever tried replicating it!  Their banter is extremely charming and reflects that from the TV show, which is what won over audiences in the first place.

Then Clark says he wants Lois to write an article allowing him to “come out”… as an alien.  The world witnessed Darkseid’s attempted invasion and is therefore, justifiably fearful of other-worldly invaders.  Clark proudly proclaims “I’m an alien, Lois.  Plain and simple… Think of all the good I could do to help open the world’s eyes to the fact that there’s just as much bright out in the universe as there is dark.”  Lois urges him to take “baby steps.”

Along those lines, Lex Luthor meets with General Lane, Lois’ father to discuss arming the world against alien threats.  Turns out the seemingly innocent Russian space mission last issue, was covertly an attempt to place weapons in space to defend against extraterrestrial threats.  Luthor thinks there was no reason to be so secretive.  “Humankind is more than entitled to defend itself.”  He proposes a joint venture between Lexcorp and the government to build defensive space platforms.  He then rants against Superman, calling him an “abuse of power” and stating that “He can’t be trusted.  He’s too dangerous.”  General Lane assures him the government can handle Superman if needed.

Then comes a scene a long time in the coming, Lex meets Clark on the street.  His memory was wiped out on the TV show, by an injection by his dying sister, Tess Mercer.  So he knows he and Clark were friends as teens, but not much more.  Luthor comments that he doesn’t see how he and Clark could have ever been so close.  “Like you said,” Clark comments, “We were younger.”  The two civilly spar regarding their different opinions.  An emergency pops up, so Clark vanishes.  But someone else very surprising arrives.

Tess Mercer, back from the dead!

This installment was MUCH more impressive than the first!  Lots of meat for fans of the show to sink their teeth into!  Definitely…

Verdict: Buy

Written by Byran Q. Miller
Art by Pere Perez