Last month’s ‘Action Comics’ #7 set up the final showdown between Superman and Brainiac and this issue delivers and wraps up the ‘Collector’ storyline in true Superman fashion.

When we last left our hero, he was being forced to choose between saving either the city of Kandor from his homeworld of Krypton or his adopted home of Metropolis. Both of the cities had been shrunk down by the Collector (aka Brainiac) and bottled up for his collection. Superman, being the never-give-up hero that he is, choose to fight and attempt to find a way to save both cities rather than choosing.

As this issue opens, Superman is battling Metallo, who is in turn being controlled by Brainiac. While the battle rages outside, the citizens of Metropolis inside the bottle are dealing with watching the battle, which appears to them like a battle of gods. Most of them realize that it’s Superman trying to save them, even if they don’t fully comprehend their circumstances. However, the villainous businessman Glenmorgan can’t deal with the surreal situation and has a mental breakdown. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor stands his ground and his assertion that the Brainiac is here to save Metropolis and that Superman is destroying everything and dooming the world.

After the situation is wrapped up (and I won’t tell you how Superman’s decision to fight plays out), Superman discovers his first Fortress of Solitude and wonders what corrupt businessman will replace Glenmorgan after his breakdown. (I think we all know the answer to that one, don’t we?)

The issue closes with a “prologue” that introduces Zarov, a hunter who has tracked every creature on the planet and is in search of a new challenge. His new challenge… the bulletproof man. It looks like Superman is about to get his own version of Spider-Man’s Kraven.

Grant Morrison pulls together all his strings in true fashion and builds a new mythology for both Brainiac and the citizens of Metropolis that is pure magic. Next issue, Morrison turns his sights to another Superman as we’re introduced to Earth 23’s hero… President Superman!

Verdict: Buy