After a short 2 week hiatus, ‘Grimm’ returns and so does Adelind, the Hexenbiest we met in the first episode! This week, it’s up to Nick and Monroe to figure out who killed a Wesen spice shop owner and it looks like Captain Renard’s plans become one step closer to completion.


At an art gallery, Adelind meets Captain Renard who is admiring a painting. Not shy of showing her vain side, she asks him if he thinks the woman in the painting is prettier than her. He responds in a very matter of fact way, “I do.” (What a way to sweet talk a Hexenbiest, Renard!) He asks her how things were going between her and Hank and she tells him that he’s not interested in her. Renard suggests she try a little harder and reminds her that she knows how to make herself irresistible. He hands her a vial of Hank’s blood that he “obtained” during Hank’s physical. Adelind asks why is making Hank like her so important to him and he explains that a Grimm “on the other side” is not a good thing for either one of them. He tells Adelind that to get to a man’s sole, they would need to get to his friends which is why they’re not dealing with Nick directly.

At the house, Nick and Juliette are having dinner when she decides to tell Nick that she wants to learn how to shoot a gun. Just then, a knock is heard at the door and it’s the Wesen refrigerator repair man with a gift. Nick angrily reminds him that he was told never to come to his house again but the Wesen felt so bad about what had happened in the past that he made him and Juliette something. He also informs Nick that he and his friends are making sure no one (i.e. no other Wesens) bother him again.

Juliette is confused. She can’t understand how the refrigerator repair man could keep people from bothering them? Nick confesses that he had gone to the house of the car whose license plate that she had written and the refrigerator repair man was there. He told them not to bother them again. Nick then proceeds to tell her that the reason they were watching the house was because they had mistaken Nick for some guy that was bothering them. When Juliette tries to get more detail, Nick just brushes it off and diverts her attention to the package. When they opened it up, it was a handmade blanket. “They must have felt really bad!” Juliette says.

In another part of town, two guys are inhaling smoke from a small cauldron and getting high. As they are enjoying the effects of the smoke, they turn into Skalengecks (lizard like creatures). Feeling invincible, they each grab a weapon and head out the door.

Adelind is in need of a few more “ingredients” for her special potion and heads to a tea and spice shop that is owned by a Wesen. Freddy, the shop owner, knows her well and is quite intimidated (okay, scared) of her. As she leaves with her items, Freddy breathes a sigh of relief when all of a sudden the two Skalengecks come in intent to rob his store for his stash of “Jay.” Freddy tries to get away but gets roughed up. He tells the two Skalengecks that what they are looking for is in the basement before he is punched unconscious. While looking for the drug, Freddy comes to and manages to hit the alarm. The two men grab a couple vials and make a run for it but not before Freddy is able to grab one of the guys’ leg and sink his teeth into him. The robber takes out his gun and shoots Freddy point blank killing him before limping away.

Nick and Hank arrive to the scene and while examining Freddy’s dead body takes out a human chunk out of his mouth. Nick remembers him as the Fachsbau that helped with the human organ stealing case.

The detectives are able to track down Freddy’s next of kin, his sister Rosalee. They tell her that her brother was killed in an apparent robbery but don’t know for what. Nick takes her to the shop. As Rosalee sees the blood on the floor, Nick watches her face change into a Fachsbau. As she turns to face Nick she realizes he’s a Grimm and changes back to human. He assures her that he didn’t kill her brother nor does he want to hurt her. He was hoping she could take a look around the shop and see what it was that got her brother killed. Nick hands her his card and tells Rosalee that if she needs or finds out anything to give him a call.

Later that evening, Hank arrives home to find Adelind at his front door. She tells him that she came by to drop off some cookies that she baked. She thanks him for saving her life and explains how the chocolate chip cookies are just her way of being grateful. Hank being polite takes a bite out of one of the cookies and tells her they are incredible. Adelind tells him not to give them away as she made them just for him.

Nick decides to visit Monroe and lets him know about Freddy’s demise. He asks him if he were to visit the shop would he be able to identify what the robbers were trying to steal. Monroe was willing to give it a shot so they head over there.  Rosalee allows Monroe and Nick to come in and check out the basement.

Monroe identifies a vial as containing Jay, a derivative of Jaycine which is like a mold that is lethal to humans but has an opiate effect on Wesens. It is used as a pain killer but when abused is likened to “meth mixed with rat poison and helium” and is highly addictive. Nick asks Rosalee if she could catalogue any of the items in the basement that a Wesen would kill for and she agrees. As the boys leave, Rosalee stops Monroe. As she looks at him, she turns into a Faschbau. In return, Monroe turns into a Blutbad. (Mating rituals of the Wesen?) She admits she’s not comfortable with nor understands the Wesen-Grimm partnership between Nick and Monroe but if it helps find who killed her brother, she doesn’t care. She implores Monroe to find the guys who killed Freddy.

Meanwhile, Juliette comes home and notices that the door knob of the front door is moving as though someone is trying to open it. As she gets closer to investigate she tries to see who it could be (really? After someone breaks into your home you don’t call the police but go towards the danger?!) She opens the door and sees that it’s the refrigerator repair man who was trying to fix their broken door. He also gives Juliette a cherry pie that his wife baked. (Can we say stalker?)

While Rosalee is going through the basement, she hears someone come down the stairs. It’s the men who killed her brother. She tries to hide and as they rummage through the rest of the boxes that contained the Jay, her phone goes off. They realize there is someone in the basement with them and start to look around. Rosalee manages to get away and calls Nick.

Nick takes Rosalee to the precinct and she identifies the robbers from their mug shots. Nick offers to have a couple officers escort her to Freddy’s home and stay with her but she wants someone she has something in common with and asks for Monroe to be her bodyguard.

Looks like someone’s been eating some cookies! Hank wakes up and in a dreamlike state heads to the bathroom where he sees Adelind taking a shower. You can figure out what happens next. (Bow chica bow wow!)

Monroe becomes Rosalee’s bodyguard and she tells him the guys who broke in were Skalengecks and since he’s a Blutbad, he should be able to smell them a mile away. Now she feels safe.

Nick and Hank leave to check out a lead. Sgt Wu sees Hank’s last cookie that Adelind made for him and swipes it. (Um…Sgt, that’s called stealing… ) He walks away eating the cookie.

The lead brings the detectives to an abandoned building where the robbers are when unexpectedly shots ring out. A shoot out ensues but during it, Hank thinks he sees Adeline and follows the figure. Nick follows Hank and the robbers get away.

At the shop, Monroe is helping Rosalee pack. In comes Sgt. Wu and he doesn’t look too good. Wu tells them he was sent there to check up on them but Monroe knows something is wrong. Just then, Wu loses consciousness and falls to the ground. As Monroe and Rosalee check on him, they see boils begin to appear on his face. Monroe calls Nick who heads to the shop as Rosalee and Monroe concoct a potion to help the afflicted officer.  The potion seemed to work and the three take Sgt. Wu to his apartment where he can sleep it off. Rosalee tells Nick that she’s seen these symptoms before in someone who had taken a delusional concoction meant to create obsessive behavior. If the right person takes it, it creates a deep emotional response, but if the wrong person takes it, they look like Sgt. Wu.

Nick tells Rosalee that they almost caught the guys who killed her brother but they got away. They did leave their drug paraphernalia and the Jay behind. Monroe tells him that from the sound of it, the robbers are addicts and will be looking to score soon. Nick asks Rosalee where would an addict go to score and she tells them at a place called Island of Dreams.

Meanwhile, Adelind’s cookies have a different response with Hank as he calls her to make sure she’s okay and asks her out. Adelind decides to play hard to get and tells Hank she’s busy but call her at the end of the week to see if she’s free.

Monroe and Nick head to the drug den and go looking for the Skalengecks. Nick finds ones of them and takes him down. Monroe sees his partner and chases him out the door. Outside, the second Skalengeck points a gun at Monroe and just as it looks like he’s going to pull the trigger, Rosalee comes to the rescue and knocks the guy out with a brink. Monroe is in love.

Later, Nick checks on Sgt. Wu who seems to be a bit groggy but will be fine. He tells Nick he’s good but feeling a little hungry. After Nick leaves, Wu decides that the foam in his cushion seat would make a good meal and starts eating it.

As a thank you, Monroe brings a bouquet of flowers to Rosalee for saving his life. He notices that the shop is not packed up and Rosalee tells him that she changed her mind and decided to keep the shop open for now. Monroe tells her he has the day off and can help her set up the shop. (Bow chica bow wow!)

Juliette finally has what she wanted and has Nick teaching her how to shoot a gun. Nick is amazed as she’s rather good at handling it for someone who’s never shot a gun before…or so she says…

 As for Hank, even in his sleep, he dreams of Adeline….

This is the first of 8 new episodes leading to the season finale on May 18th and while no questions were answered, we were introduced to what seems like a new love interest for Monroe. Adelind makes a good henchman for Captain Renard but we are still left wondering what his place is in the big picture. Since ‘Grimm’ has been renewed for a second season, I wouldn’t be surprised if we still don’t know by the end of this season but the stories are leading toward a very exciting season finale.

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