At the conclusion to ‘All-Star Western’ #6, Jonah Hex was leaving Gotham City for New Orleans in search of his bounty. In the final splash page, it was revealed that the classic DC western characters, Nighthawk and Cinnamon, would be waiting for Hex in the Big Easy.

This issue begins with the not-so-surprising reveal that Amadeus Arkham has cajoled (possibly by paying) Jonah Hex into letting him ride along with the bounty hunter on his adventures. As soon as the pair arrive in New Orleans, they are thrust right into action when a mill explodes the very instant they walk off the boat. This prompts Arkham to note that tragedy seems to follow Hex like a cloud. Hex leaps into the fray, saving as many people as he can, even risking his life to save a young child.

After the trouble is over, Hex and Arkham meet up with Nighthawk and Cinnamon. The pair inform Hex that there is a group of anarchists calling themselves the August 7 operating in New Orleans. This group is responsible for setting off explosions and causing general havoc, including the mine explosion. They ask Hex for help and offer him assistance with his bountyhunting if he will aid them with the August 7. Reluctantly, Hex agrees. Hex then sets off towards the docks to an arena where rich socialites place bets on gladiatorial fights. In the arena, Hex meets his first member of the August 7.

The backup story this issue features Nighthawk and Cinnamon sans Hex. This tale gives the origin story of Nighthawk and I’m happy to see that (so far) the characters of Nighthawk and Cinnamon aren’t part of the Hawkman mythology as they were pre-reboot.

Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti continue to deliver some classic tales using some of the great, and often overlooked, characters from DC’s vast Weird West comics of yesteryear. Add to that some amazing artwork from Moritat and Patrick Scherberger and you’ve got one of the best comic magazines on the shelves month after month.

If you’ve given ‘All-Star Western’ a pass so far because it’s not your typical superhero book, this issue is a great jumping-on point as the main story and the backup features are both starting their next arcs.

Besides, you’ll want to catch up before ‘All-Star Western’ #9 ties into the upcoming ‘Night of the Owls’ arc that’s going to touch on every corner of the Batman universe… including those in Gotham City’s past.

Verdict: Buy