Danai Gurira, our new Michonne

Wow! Now that’s how you do a finale! The season two finale of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ finally started to deliver on some of the things that fans of the comic series have been waiting for since the show started. If you’ve read the new for the past several months, fans have known for a while that season three would center on the prison and the villainous Governor that runs it. There have also been hints dropped that fan favorite character, the katana-wielding Michonne would be making an appearance soon and comic creator Robert Kirkman said as much in a recent interview. But, with last night’s finale, the appearance of Michonne came much sooner than expected… much to the excitement of many fans.

It’s been kept under tight wraps until now, but last night on AMC’s Talking Dead, Robert Kirkman announced that the actress underneath Michonne’s hood is Danai Gurira. Gurira was last seen in the television series ‘Treme’ and may be known to genre fans from her role in ‘My Soul To Take’. Either way, she definitely has the look of Michonne down pat and I can’t wait to see her take on one of the biggest badasses in the ‘Walking Dead’ series!

After actor Steven Yeun (Glenn from the show) hinted in his recent interview that “Next week all your dreams will be fulfilled”, I should’ve expected something like this to happen but I just assume Yeun was alluding to the appearance of the prison… which did happen in the final moments of last night’s episode as well.

Now I really can’t wait for season three of ‘Walking Dead’ to begin this Fall!