The graphic novel from Archaia Entertainment won’t be out until next year but Warner Bros. has already acquired Sean Rubin’s book ‘Bolivar’ to adapt into a feature film.

‘Bolivar’ is about a young girl named Sybil who moves to New York and finds out one of her neighbors is the last living dinosaur on Earth named Bolivar. Bolivar is a bit of a recluse and despite Sybil’s attempts to be friends with the dinosaur, he rebuffs her efforts. It’s not until he realizes how much she means to him that he decides he would risk everything for her.

Award winning Irish director Kealan O’Rourke will write and direct the animated project with Akiva Goldsman (‘Fringe’, ‘I Am Legend’, ‘Paranormal Activity’), Kerry Foster and Stephen Christy (editor-in-chief of Archaia Entertainment) to produce.

Archaia Entertainment also has two other novels, ‘Rust’ and ‘Lucid’, in the works to become feature films and has also developed work based on the Jim Henson production ‘Fraggle Rock.’

The graphic novel ‘Bolivar’ is due out in May 2013. No word as to when the animated film will be released.

Source: THR