Variety is reporting that Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions and Samuel Goldwyn has acquired the rights for ‘Robot and Frank’, a heartwarming film that shows that not all robots are scheming to overtake humans.

Reports have the two paying “north of $2 million” for the North American rights to distribute the film. In addition, SPWA has acquired all media rights for Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe Russia releases.

A favorite at the Sundance Film Festival, ‘Robot and Frank’ is set in the near future. Frank Langella plays retired jewel thief Frank, who’s beginning to show signs of diminishing mental and cognitive ability. Worried, his son (played by James Marsden) buys him a top of the line robot (voiced by Peter Sarsgaard) to help his father around the house and to monitor his health. At first, Frank is resentful of the robot, but soon realizes that the robot can come in handy help him get back to his criminal escapades and help him woo the local librarian (played by Susan Sarandon). Liv Tyler also appears in the movie as Frank’s daughter.

‘Robot and Frank’ was directed by first-time feature filmmaker Jake Schreier and written by Christopher D. Ford who based the story on a student film of his that he wrote and directed. With all the attention this movie is getting, it’s no wonder both men are getting some serious attention from Hollywood.

“We have loved this project from the script stage and were at the very first Gala screening in Salt Lake City,”said Joe Matukewicz, senior VP of acquisitions for SPWA. “This winning film strikes a special chord with audiences, and we are delighted to bring “Robot & Frank” into the Sony Pictures family. (Director) Jake’s film shows us a future that is right around the corner, and I, for one, can’t wait for my own robot”

“Our team fell in love with this clever, irreverent story anchored by Frank Langella’s indelible performance,” said Meyer Gottlieb, President of Samuel Goldwyn Films. “Jake has done a remarkable job and we are thrilled to continue working with talented first time filmmakers. We look forward to partnering again with our friends at Sony on a title we know audiences will flock to in droves.”

If you’d like to see what all the fuss is, check out the clip below. The tone of the movie reminds me a bit of ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ with the same type of heartening sentimentality and the fact that the film is not too far out in the future does give it a realistic future that most audiences can relate to.

What do you think? Would you go see ‘Robot and Frank?’

‘Robot and Frank’ Movie Trailer