Although only featured in a small portion of ‘The Hobbit,’ Elijah Wood discussed how nostalgic it felt to go back into Hobbiton to play Frodo and how excited he is to see the movie ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ when it comes out in December.

“It was a gift to go back and return,” Wood said in an interview with Collider. “I was in Hobbiton again, for the first time in 11 years. I turned 19 in Hobbiton. I’m 30 now. That put a lot of things into perspective. It was beautiful. It was just beautiful to go back.”

Wood’s role only required a month’s worth of filming but in that time, he had a chance to get reacquainted with the cast and crew involved with the movie. “…the majority of my time was just going to set every day and meeting a lot of the new cast members, catching up with old friends, and being in Wellington again,” he says, “It feels like home, and those people feel like extended family to me. It was such a treat to go back. It was awesome!”

One thing that has changed from his ‘LOTR’ days is the technology used in filming. Wood describes the process as “amazing.”

…it’s really cool to see the 3D on set, and to know what the images ultimately look like. The technology is so good now. I remember, years and years and years ago, video assist was really rudimentary and watching playback was so rudimentary. It only gave you a sense of what the image was really going to look like, especially when you were shooting on film and getting a video feed. Until you actually see dailies, you can’t see what the image looks like. Now, because ‘The Hobbit’ is being shot digitally, we’re seeing a full HD image, in 3D, pretty much exactly as it’s going to look when it’s thrown up onto a big screen.  That’s amazing!”

Wood is looking forward to seeing ‘The Hobbit,’ and is excited as the fans are to see the finished product stating that he can now be “completely objective” when watching the movie.” I was so pumped to see the trailer,” he exclaimed, “The trailer is awesome. I’m very excited!”

‘The Hobbit’ is still currently in production until June with part 1, ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’, set to premiere in theaters on December 21.