When DC relaunched the entire line of comics last year, it all started with their ‘Flashpoint’ event. That event saw the DC universe scrambled and mixed as the Flash raced to set things right. As that massive story ended and the universe mended itself into the one that would become the New 52 Universe, there was a single appearance of a woman. She had a magenta robe and skin with purple streaks across her face.

Who was this woman? What did she have to do with the DC universe? Websites and message boards across the net lit up with fan speculation. Then, when the 52 #1 issues of the New 52 hit shelves, fans began to notice that this mystery woman made an appearance in every single #1 issue! She was always hidden away in the background, apparently watching over the new universe for some reason.

Until now, DC has kept mostly mum on the identity of the mysterious character. They did acknowledge her existence but that was about it. Today, via the DC Source blog, they finally gave her a name. They posted the image below (which is concept art for the character from Jim Lee, who created the designs for the New 52 universe) with the line: “Her name is Pandora”.

Of course, this simple teaser is bound to set off yet another round of fan speculation. What does the name mean? Is she just an older character that’s been renamed? Or is she something entirely new? Does the name imply that she released some evil into the DC Universe as her namesake did in Greek mythology?

What are your thoughts? Who is Pandora? What does she have to do with the creation (if anything) of the new DC Universe? Comment below and give us your theories.