It’s pretty ironic that after trying so hard to keep specific plot devices of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ under wraps, the undoing of all this hard work is by a toy company. The boys at Idol Hands managed to get some firsthand looks of some of the toys that will be tied-in with the movie and in doing so, managed to extrapolate what can be considered as a spoiler.

One of the most exciting finds was seeing the image of Spidey’s nemesis, The Lizard, on a remote control device. Even though a preview was revealed via a Pez dispenser, the two similar images seem to confirm what to expect to see in the movie without having an “official” picture released of the character. Also included as a toy is a full Lizard figurine riding a quad. What do you think?


Apparently Legacy Effect is in charge of transforming Rhys Ifans into The Lizard for the movie. They’ve worked on ‘Iron Man’ (physical Iron Man suits and make-up effects),‘The Avengers’ (live action suit and practical effects), ‘Thor’ (prosthetics and suit effects for the Frost Giant) and are currently working on ‘World War Z’ (character design and special makeup effects) and ‘Total Recall’ (sinth suits, animatronic puppets and prosthetics) to name a few. With a resume like that, the look of The Lizard should be pretty impressive on screen!

At this point in your reading, I would suggest you stop if you don’t want to know any more about ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ because the next toy I’ll be talking about will reveal possible spoilers. (With the amount of movie spoilers I’ve been revealing lately, I probably won’t be able to enjoy any of next year’s movies!)


The biggest news, however, is the release of the Mega Blocks set called ‘Oscorp Tower FX Battle.’ Inside are three figures: Spider-Man, the Lizard, and SWAT Lizard. This set seems to confirm the rumors from earlier in the year which stated that Dr. Conner/The Lizard would be turning an entire SWAT team into lizard men like himself. It’s also supposed to be a climactic point in the film involving a huge battle. According to Movie Web, some of this scene is based upon the comic book issue where Gwen Stacy died but it hasn’t been confirmed if the movie will follow suit.

As usual with big movie tie-ins, there will be a slew of other Spidey themed toys some of which you can check out below. While I don’t mind the over commercialism that comes with superhero movies (after all, it does come with the territory), I do find it disconcerting that an important part of the film is already spoiled by the release of a toy.

Anyway, what are your thoughts of the movie and toys so far?

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