If the foods in your sci-fi books sound better than what you can actually concoct, then head over to YouTube as there’s a channel that melds both the love of cooking with the love of the genre called ‘Feast of Fiction.’

‘Feast of Fiction’ is a relatively new channel and currently has 2 videos up but if the two vids are any indication of what the future will bring, then you’ll definitely want to subscribe. The latest video shows how to make Butterbeer from the famed ‘Harry Potter’ books but I particularly like the ‘Skyrim’ Sunlight Soufflé which is based on the game.

The recipes are easy to replicate and the hosts, Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams, are entertaining and make cooking with them fun! I was lucky enough to get in touch with them and ask a few questions about their YouTube channel.

SF: How did the idea of ‘Feast of Fiction’ came about?

JW: I was brainstorming with my brother about possible YouTube shows and a fictional cooking show was an idea that had always been floating around. I’d say my hunger was perked all the way back when I was a kid growing up reading fantasy novels. Brian Jacques’ Redwall series was always a constant source of tummy rumbling. Books like Harry Potter have continued the tradition of doing a great job of describing the foods their characters eat!

SF: How did you guys end up teaming together to host ‘Feast of Fiction’?

AA: We actually met through a mutual friend at Disneyland, and the rest was just Kismet.  He shared with me his idea for a new YouTube cooking channel, and I showed him a couple of pictures of my own cake baking creations.  Pretty sure he was intrigued by the “Dead Body” cake…I think that sealed the deal.  That or it was Disneyland…man, that place is magical.

SF:  What are some of the upcoming recipes that you plan on making on ‘Feast of Fiction?’

JW: I can’t reveal too much but I will say that I finished ‘The Hunger Games’ last year and loved the first novel. Now with a movie on the way we’ll definitely delve into some of the Capitol’s delicious feasts.

SF: Already sounds yummy! Do either of you have any cooking background or do you consider yourselves amateur cooks?

AA: I think we’re both equally interested in adventures in the kitchen, however I’ve probably spent more time in there.  Baking is one of my many passions.  I’ve created over 50 custom cakes (or commonly what I call “affectionate confections”) for friends and family throughout the years.  Any opportunity I have to contribute to a special occasion through cake, I do not decline.  Designing elaborate cakes is my creative outlet.  Initially, Jimmy was curious about how to build a certain cake (for a future episode…stay tuned ;)) and I, of course, was obliged to help, and that’s all she wrote.  I hope it’ll be very fun and inspirational to watch us bring these delectable fictional masterpieces to life!

SF: I noticed that the 2 videos are made are from the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Will most of your recipes be in that realm?

JW: Anything fictional is up for grabs! It just so happens the craziest and most fanciful foods often come from genres that depart further from our known reality. But if the idea is there and our fans want to see it made, who knows where our next feast might come from!

There’ll be a new recipe each week on ‘Feast of Fiction’ so make sure you are kept updated when new  videos are up by either following them on Twitter, liking them on Facebook or subscribing to their ‘Feast of Fiction’ YouTube channel. And don’t forget to let them know that ScienceFiction.com sent you!

Below is the video for the ‘Harry Potter Christmas Butterbeer.’ So what recipes would you like to see made?

Harry Potter Butterbeer Recipe: