The latest Stephen King novel to make the small screen, ‘Bag of Bones,’ will air as a two-part miniseries starring Pierce Brosnan on A&E. The miniseries follows the tale of Mike Noonan (Brosnan), a bestselling novelist who finds himself unable to stop grieving after the sudden death of his wife, Jo (Annabeth Gish). During a bout of writers block, he’s beset by dreams of the couple’s lake house in Western Maine.

Once he arrives in TR-90, an unregistered township, he befriends 20-year-old widow Mattie Devore (Melissa George) and her daughter Kyra (Caitlin Carmichael). Mike’s drawn into the custody battle currently raging between Mattie and Kyra’s enormously wealthy grandfather Max Devore (William Schallet).

Mike’s ability to write suddenly returns, but he finds himself haunted by the ghost of blues singer Sara Tidwell (Anika Noni Rose) and plagued by ever-increasing nightmares. As the many secrets of the lake begin coming to light, Mike realizes that his late wife still has something to tell him.

The first installment of the miniseries airs tonight at 9 pm Eastern on cable channel A&E. Take a look at the trailer and behind the scenes video from A&E:

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