It was just a few short hours ago we reported that Peter Weller has signed to appear in ‘Star Trek 2.’ Now we sadly have to inform you that while Weller is in, Benicio Del Toro is out.

Vulture has reported that while Del Toro has been in talks with the studio about starring in the sequel, negotiations broke last Wednesday when the two parties couldn’t agree over monetary issues. So despite all the rumors that he has agreed to play Khan in the film, it can now officially be said with certainty that Del Toro will not be in the movie.

With production to start filming soon, Abrams will have to scramble to find someone to take Del Toro’s place. Oddly enough, the rumor that Khan will be the film’s villain is still going strong. Vulture is claiming that they heard from a “highly placed source that Khan is indeed the film’s baddie.” Now whether this is the same source that confirmed that Del Toro was playing Khan is unknown but with news like this, it seems safer to wait until something more concrete is given.

Some feel that Abrams not saying anything specific about the role of Kahn is a tactic akin to something out of Zack Snyder’s playbook when he also emphatically denied that Zod would be a part of ‘Man of Steel.’ Then a few months later, Michael Shannon was cast in the role. So it may be a matter of time before we see if the rumors of Khan are true.

So how do you feel about Del Toro no longer being part of ‘Star Trek 2’ and the possibility that Khan may be the big baddie? And if he is, who would you like to see in the Khan role?