A new game comes to ‘Second Life’ today. ‘Linden Realms’ is the first game created by the creators of ‘Second Life.’ Today sees ‘Linden Realms’ move out of the premium-member only beta and become open to all users of ‘Second Life.’ Users of ‘Second Life’ are accustomed to games created by other users; this is the first time players will experience an in-house created game. The developers of ‘Linden Realms’ have assured players that the development tools will be made available so users can improve the gameplay.

In ‘Linden Realms,’ players can earn Linden dollars (the in-game currency) by collecting gems and completing quests. Players must use portals to enter the game. The game has hazards that can kill players. Hazards include fireballs, rock monsters, and toxic water. When players die, they are immediately sent to a “resurrection circle.”

If you play the game, be prepared for a heads-up-display (HUD) to be automatically attached to you. Although a HUD is not standard in the rest of ‘Second Life,’ ‘Linden Realms’ is designed to have a HUD to be automatically attached to a player. If the HUD is removed, the player will be kicked out of ‘Linden Realms.’ A player’s progress is stored in a server data store, so the player can return to ‘Linden Realms’ without losing any progress.

To get the best experience from ‘Linden Realms,’ you should have the latest version of ‘Second Life,’ which can be downloaded from SecondLife.com. ‘Second Life’ is free to play with perks available for purchase.

‘Linden Realms’ is expected to be available today to the public and is designed to enhance the ‘Second Life’ experience for all users.