While issue #1 of this book was narrated by main protagonist Andrew Bennett, and the second by antagonist Mary the Blood Queen, this issue is told from the perspective of new character Professor John Troughton, a long-time ally of Andrew’s, a human that Andrew saved in the late 1960s.  John has spent decades studying vampires and knows things that even Andrew may not!  It is John that Andrew turns to after his devastating injuries in last issue, when he took on dozens of Mary’s vampire soldiers.

John informs Andrew that the attack he witnessed was part of a calculated series of attacks in four different cities.  The pair, against John’s insistence, goes after Mary and her army and are attacked by a young slayer named Tig, whose father was killed by vampires.  Ultimately, Andrew is able to win her over and they discover Mary’s next target, which leads to, in Tig’s words, a “Road trip.”

I realized something, while reading this; I actually LIKE this book!  I was assigned to cover it in the beginning.  I liked it well enough to review the second issue.  But reading this one, I realized I was actually really digging it!  The art helps!  It’s beautifully ugly, but perfectly suits the book and its tone.  As ugly as everything looks, I actually find Andrew to be the sexiest male protagonist in just about any book I’m reading!

Tig is sort of a stereotype at this point, the young, hip, tough girl.  I hope she develops further.  I’m guessing if they continue rotating the narration with every issue, she may be the voice of the next issue.

I also love that they continued to mention the fact that this book is set within the DC Universe proper.  The Justice League is refered to by name, as well as references to vampire attacks in Star City and Coast City and the lead trio now headed toward Gotham.  I am actually hoping to see a Batman cameo!  (Plus, sadly, this poor-selling book can use the publicity.)  I can’t wait to read the next issue!  That says something.

This really has developed into a great book!  Very idiosyncratic!  It’s certainly not ‘True Blood’ or ‘Twilight,’ so if any (male) readers were scared off by that possibility, I hope they read this and realize that that assumption was off-mark.  I’ve always been drawn to books with a unique voice, like ‘Starman,’ ‘Hitman’ and my beloved ‘Batwoman.’  I’m not as head-over-heels for this book… yet, but it’s very good!  I’m sad that I think this book’s days are numbered, but I hope that they can at least tell a few really excellent stories before the stake falls.

Verdict: Buy (Please?)


Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by Andrea Sorrentino
Cover by Jenny Frison