Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill getting stylish

Today at 11am EST, the stars of the BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’, took part in an online chat-interview to promote the release of the box set of ‘Doctor Who’ series six on Blu-ray and DVD. During the interview, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill, discussed the past series, their hopes for next season, and the rumored ‘Doctor Who’ movie.

The video of the interview isn’t available online (yet) but here are a few highlights from the video-cast:

If you could choose any location for a new ‘Doctor Who’ story, where would that be?

Arthur Darvill immediately answered, “Inside the Bermuda Triangle.” Matt Smith said he’d like one set in England. Karen said she’d pick Lapland where it would be cold and The Doctor would face off against an evil Santa.

Any favorite stories form this past series?

All three said they liked ‘The Girl Who Waited’ the best but then started naming others. Arthur eventually stopped them and said, “If you start thinking about it, we’re just going to name every episode.”

Do we get to see River Song in the next series?

Matt Smith says, “I hope so.” But when pressed further and asked if River would appear in the upcoming Christmas Special episode, Smith just smirked and said, “I don’t know.”

Where exactly is the gym in this thing?

Arthur says that Rory has indeed become more confident. Arthur says that, in the future, Rory will be more buff since he’ll start working out in the gym on the TARDIS. When asked if the Doctor used this gym, Matt Smith replied, “Absolutely not!”

Since the subject of a gym on the TARDIS was brought up, the stars started speculating on what else might be hidden within the TARDIS. Matt Smith said he’d like to know where (and if) the Doctor sleeps. Where is the Doctor’s bedroom? Smith speculated that, wherever his bed on board the TARDIS, the Doctor goes to sleep by having otters play ukuleles to lull him into dreamland.

Does the Doctor have a Twitter account?

Matt Smith says the Doctor hates Twitter. He thinks that time Time Lord is “rubbish” at modern technology and wouldn’t know how to tweet. He says the Doctor would tweet things like: “I’m at Gallifrey. Hashtag… whatever.”

What is the scariest monster this series?

Karen immediately said the dolls from  the episode ‘Night Terrors’. Both Arthur and Matt said the minotaur and Matt added that he also thought the Silence were pretty frightening.

I'll have to agree with Karen on this one. Those things are creepy!

If you each had to play a villain, who would it be?

Arthur said he’s play an evil bear that freezes you in place whenever it growls at you. Matt said he’d play the Devil. But in true ‘Doctor Who’ fashion, the Devil that he’d play would be a twisted version that was somehow entwined with the spirit of the Doctor. Karen wasn’t sure what she’d play at first. She said she’d like to play a Silent but wouldn’t want to wear the mask. Later, she decided that she’d like to play a Prisoner Zero that had somehow transformed into a hamster. The stars immediately pointed out that this is why they are not allowed to write episodes.

In ‘Night Terrors’ The Doctor helps a young boy face his fears. What are your fears?

Matt Smith confessed that, “Spiders freak me out.” Karen said she was terrified of moths saying that, “They’re horrible.” Arthur confessed a childhood fear when he told the interviewer that, “I used to have a phobia that a killer whale was going to come up my toilet. That freaked me out for years.”

Van Gogh's 'Exploding TARDIS'

Out of all the Doctor Who episodes, do you prefer to travel back in time, the present, or the future?

Both Karen and Arthur said that their favorite stories were the ones where the Doctor and his companions traveled into the past. Karen said the Van Gogh episode was a particular favorite of hers. Arthur said it’s fun to see the heroes go into real events in the past and “monkey around”. Matt said that he liked to see the Doctor in present day. He said that, “I like seeing the Doctor in every day situations. That makes him more of an alien.”

What about the ‘Doctor Who’ film that is being made?

All three stars said that the film was just a rumor that people online are running with and that nothing has been confirmed.

What ‘Doctor Who’ villain would you like to see brought back?

All three stars said they’d like to see the Master return. Karen added that she’d like to see another episode with the weeping angels.

That’s it for the bulk of the interview. I’ll be sure to update this post with a video of the full chat once the BBC makes it available. Until then, be sure to keep an eye on their YouTube account, ‘Doctor Who’ on Facebook, and BBC on Twitter.

While you’re waiting, be sure to check out the latest trailer for the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special episode that airs, appropriately, on Christmas Day on BBC and BBC America.