With as many troubles as it has had, the Broadway superhero musical, ‘Spider-Man: Turn of the Dark’ seems almost cursed. Initially beginning it’s run in late 2010, budget woes and accidents led the show’s creators to announce a complete reworking of the production. As part of that rework, the show’s director, Julie Taymor, was replaced. However, since those changes went into effect back in March, things have appeared to go more smoothly with the revamped show hitting the stage back in June.

The shafted director, Taymor had a little bit of bad blood with the show. She had filed a lawsuit against the producers claiming that she was never paid royalties for her part in the show’s creation. However, Taymor was in attendance on the revamps opening night so it seemed that she bore the production no ill will. It seems as if that wasn’t the case. Today, the ex-director filed a second lawsuit against the show’s producers. Taymor’s claim is that, the royalty issue aside, she has not been paid for the work that she put into ‘Spider-Man’ before she was replaced. Taymor’s lawyer, Charles Spada, claims that his client has been denied her dues “despite the fact that the show has consistently played to capacity or near-capacity houses since its first public performance in November 2010.”

Despite the new issues, the show has been trying to keep Taymor appeased. She is listed with “Original Direction” and scriptwriter credits in the Playbill. She has also been told recently that she is eligible for “Best Direction” in this year’s Tony Awards. But, with the bad luck that seems to run alongside ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’, I wouldn’t count on her even being nominated.