You may not recognize the names Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, but you sure have heard about the movies they’ve written. They’re the guys most famous for writing all the screenplays for two of the most well-known franchises in the horror genre: ‘Saw’ and ‘Feast’! They’ve also written the movie ‘The Collector’. Now they are working on adapting a novel they co-wrote with Stephen Romano called ‘Black Light’ for the big screen.

‘Black Light’ (which was just published last month) is a step away from the gore driven plots that normally come from them. This time they delve in the supernaturally demonic.  The novel revolves around a private eye, Buck Carlsbad, who can see through the Black Light. Stephen Romano describes, the Black Light as “the zone of shadows where the unsettled undead live. It’s a place where the darkness is so bright that it blinds you.” This unique gift makes Buck Carlsbad well suited to solve cases that involve the supernatural. Here’s a short synopsis from the publisher, Mulholland Books:

If you have a supernatural problem that won’t go away, you need Buck Carlsbad: private eye, exorcist, and last resort.

Buck’s got a way with spirits that no one else can match. He was normal, once. Until Something Horrible killed his parents and left him for dead. Buck has spent years using his gift to trace his family. It’s his only hope of finding out what happened to them-and what made him the way he is.

Now the voices say that something big is coming. Buck already knows what it is-a super high-tech bullet train running express across a stretch of unforgiving desert known for the most deadly paranormal events in history. A place where Buck almost died a few years ago, and where he swore he would never return.

But as the train prepares to rumble down the tracks, Buck knows it can only be the inevitable hand of fate pulling him back to the most harrowing unfinished case of his career at four hundred miles per hour.

So far no studio has been attached to this project but producer Michael De Luca (‘Fright Night’, ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence’) is currently helping them seek one out. Hopefully a studio will pick it up as it would be very refreshing to see an original film and not one that’s a reboot, remake or sequel.

To know more about the novel, you can watch the trailer below which features all three authors talking about the book.