In ‘FF’ #10, the Future Foundation got a brief bit of downtime after stopping a group of Reed Richards from alternate universes from starting an intergalactic war. Now it seems as if war has come regardless as the Kree, under the command of Ronan the Accuser has attacked the Earthen home of the Inhumans.

At the end of the last issue, The Thing returned to the Baxter Building with some of the Avengers in tow to help stop Ronan. As it turns out, those Avengers were just the beginning and the FF has assembled a huge group of Marvel heroes to deal with the threat. As the FF and Avengers prepare for the coming events, Ronan reveals that he has captured some surprising prisoners during the war that almost was. He uses these prisoners to awaken a long dormant Kree entity that begins to cause even more trouble for Earth! Meanwhile, another FF villain from the Negative Zone is hatching his own secretive agenda.

Writer Jonathan Hickman was born to write tales of Marvel’s First Family. In a single issue, he pulls so many story threads that it seems nearly impossible. At the same time, he manages to capture the essence that makes these characters so timeless. At times, it’s almost too much for one series to contain. Luckily, it won’t have to since Hickman is picking up writing duties on the return of the flagship ‘Fantastic Four’ title as well as continuing to author ‘FF’ starting this December.

I absolutely love the pencil work from artist Barry Kitson on interiors! In the midst of Hickman’s breakneck and epic-scale storytelling, sometimes the facial expressions are all we have to tell us what characters are thinking and Kitson has those expressions down to an art. If you don’t suppress a giggle at one of the Things expressions when he gets angry later in the issue, you aren’t human.

Despite the death of Johnny Storm, it is indeed a great time to be a Fantastic Four fan!

Final verdict: Buy

FF #11