We’re all sci-fi fans here. I think most of us have found ourselves caught up in one of those conversations. You know… Kirk vs. Spock. Enterprise vs. Death Star…. One of those. Well, the other day my buddy Ricky and I found ourselves in just such a heated debate. Topic? Who would win in a fight to the death, Worf or Chewbacca?

First, of course, we had to set the ground rules- this was to be hand-to-hand combat. No blasters. No bat’leths. This was to be a 100% weapons-free man-to-man, Wookie-to-Klingon brawl. Who do you think would win such a thing? Now, perhaps I am a bit biased, having been a die hard Trekkie my whole life… but I had to go with Worf.

Okay, so yes I know that Chewbacca is, like, 9 feet tall, and I know he’ll rip your arm off if you don’t let him win, but I’d really like to see him try and pull that crap on a Klingon.

So what if Chewie is big and strong?  He’s just a meathead pilot. And he doesn’t seem to be a particularly smart one at that. Now, I’m not saying he’s dumb by any means. I know it’s not his fault his species lacks the vocal capacity to speak Galactic Basic Standard, and that somewhere underneath all of that barking fur there is a reasonably intelligent, capable (not to mention LARGE) young man. And I know that in your everyday cantina-fight he’s a good guy to have around, but I still don’t think he could take Worf!  And do you know why? Well, I’ll tell you… Because, yes, Chewie may be a Wookie fighting for his life.  But Worf? Worf is a Klingon fighting for HONOR! And as a Klingon, honor is more important than life! Worf has more to lose. If Worf loses this fight he will bring dishonor not only to himself, but to his descendants, to his House, and to his son! And to do so would be a fate worse than death.

So, now we have a Wookie – basically Sasquatch with rudimentary language skills and a pilots’ license- pitted against a highly trained Klingon Warrior fighting for honor!  There is no way he would let the Wookie win.

And that’s just my opinion.  Like I said… I’m probably a little biased.  If you disagree you can feel free to let me know. I’m fully open to other ideas. (Even if they are wrong.)