‘Breathing Space, Book One on ‘The Exodus Trilogy’, was an intriguing thrill ride into the mind of Ian Fydell. A New York based writer, Ian completed his first installment of ‘The Exodus Trilogy’ to be closely followed by ‘Resistance,’ and Book Three: Revelation 2132.’

Ian has always been drawn to creative fiction. Ian’s wide range of interests have enabled him to convey the science so prevalent throughout his work. As with many modern writers, Ian delves into his creative mind in the “wee small hours” when his children are dreaming of their own epic adventures.

I had the great pleasure of reviewing the first in ‘The Exodus Trilogy’ right here on ScienceFiction.com.

Once again I take great pleasure in introducing you to the enigmatic Ian Fydell, as I ask him some questions about his writing, future plans, and other things.

Bryan: Welcome Ian! It is indeed a pleasure to talk to you today, I know you are about to leave for yet another signing – so I’ll make this as brief as we can. As an author, what do you count among your influences in writing ‘The Exodus Trilogy’?

Ian: My love for science fiction goes all the way back to when I was a seven year old. My parents took me to see a movie that most of you know. It was a “little” film called Star Wars. I remember getting home that night and before walking into the house, I looked up at the stars for quite some time, wondering if there was really a battle between Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker raging in space, or were there less sophisticated forms of life living among the stars.

Bryan: After Breathing Space was completed, you began penning the second book. Do you have the second and third books “written” in your head? Or will it unfold as you go?

Ian: I have a rough outline of books two and three. As we speak, I am working on chapter five of Resistance: Book Two Of The Exodus Trilogy and having a blast! If you thought the ending to book one was a shocker…wait till you lay your eyes on book two’s ending.

Bryan: After the amazing Exodus Trilogy is complete and sitting on store shelves, and available for download on kindle and other devices, where do you see yourself going in literary circles?

Ian: Once the Exodus Trilogy is complete, I would love to see the pages of my trilogy leap onto the silver screen and entertain children and adults of all ages, just as I was entertained when watching Star Wars as a youngster. Who knows, maybe one day I will inspire some seven year old boy (or girl) to use their imagination and entertain readers through the gift of writing.

Bryan: You have obviously done your research, the Sci-Fi world may refer to it as “Treknobable,” do you find it difficult explaining some of the more technical aspects of your story?

Ian: You are correct when you say I have done my research. Google and Yahoo were my two best friends, but most of my book deals with human emotions, true feelings and that cannot be found on any internet sites or search engines. The feelings and emotions come from within my heart and soul. On a side note, I am NOT a fan of predictable endings and ask, why should the “good guy” ALWAYS win, why does the “guy” ALWAYS get the girl? To me that is not real life, sure there are happy endings, but when reading my trilogy, I warn readers to expect the unexpected.

Bryan: One final question Ian, can fans find a schedule of your signings anywhere? I, for one enjoy owning signed, first editions.

Ian: I will post signings on my website as they are scheduled. If someone would like a signed, personalized copy of Breathing Space: Book One Of The Exodus Trilogy, they can go to the website which is, www.ianfydellexodustrilogy.com and order a copy. I also believe in forming a relationship with my fans and being accessible, so I invite anyone and everyone to look for me on Twitter @IanFydell and I will be happy to chat with you and keep you posted on book signings and tour dates. If Twitter doesn’t work for you, feel free to join my Facebook fan page, which is, Fans Of Breathing Space: Book One Of The Exodus Trilogy.

Bryan: Thank you once again for taking time out of your very busy schedule to talk with me, I’m very much looking forward to Book Two!

Ian: Thank you Bryan, the pleasure was all mine.

Ian Fydell’s ‘Breathing Space’ is available in paperback and on Kindle through Amazon now.

If you happen to be in the NY area this week/weekend from 10/14-10/16, Ian will be at Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. His booth # is- 2850 (small press section). A free copy of his book will be raffled off every hour.

For more information on Ian Fydell and his book ‘Breathing Space’ visit  ianfydellexodustrilogy.com.