Welcome to Part 2 of my look at Nerdy Store Bought Costumes!  This time, it’s the Ladies’ turn!

10.Neytiri (‘Avatar’)

Holy smokes!  I had to do a double take, because at first glance that costume looked scandalous!  But the model is pretty much completely covered in that blue striped catsuit!  Still quite sexy!  I don’t recall Zoe Saldana wearing stilletos in the jungle, though.

9. Princess Leia (‘Star Wars’)

I said I typically don’t like the human costumes from ‘Star Wars,’ but this Leia one actually looks good!  It looks comfy and is modest.  I’d ditch the platform boots, though.  Those look too stripper-y.  The hair (wig?) could use some work, but I’m assuming that’s separate anyway.

8. Any Crew Member from ‘Star Trek’

Like with the male list, this costume is super easy and comfortable.  Once again, I’m Team Kirk, so originals or reboot only.  Those awful ‘Next Gen’ disco tracksuits must be avoided!

7. The X-Women

Emma Frost for the bolder, Storm for the more demure!  The X-Men have always showcased strong women.  The Emma costume is pretty spot-on from the comics.  Storm’s is modified into a skirt.  I don’t know.  Halloween tends to be pretty chilly.  I think if I were a woman that wanted to dress as Storm, I’d prefer the leggings from the comics.

6. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn’s costume manages to be completely concealing, yet still sexy.  The perfect match to a male’s Joker costume!  Just add a giant mallet!

5. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

These are just freakin’ ADORABLE!  What an absurd concept!  Taking anthropomorphic male turtles and turning them into sexy costumes for women?!  Yet it works!  They’re super cute!  Love the shell backpacks!

4. Batgirl

There are a multitude of Batgirl costumes.  I like this one.  Most women’s Halloween costumes run skimpy (like the TMNT ones above), which is fine if you’re a rail thin model.  But most average women might not feel comfortable exposing all that skin.  Plus, once again, Halloween tends to be chilly.  This Batgirl costume is completely concealing.  It looks to be made of a plush, velvety fabric.  I love the colors!  The use of purple reminds me of Yvonna Craig’s original costume from the TV show.

3. Catwoman

If you’re more of a bad girl, or want to get in touch with your inner bad girl, then Catwoman’s the way to go!  Comics’ most ferocious vixen’s costume is accurate, down to the cool Darwyn Cooke-designed goggles.  I wonder if that zipper can go any higher though!  Yikes!

2. Wonder Woman

Let’s face it, skimpy outfit or not, there’s no super hero more empowering to women than Wonder Woman!  Remember the outcry when DC put her in pants?  Every woman I’ve ever seen in a Wonder Woman costume just parades around with all the confidence in the world.  That said, this costume isn’t  that accurate.  Most WW suits switch out the briefs for a skirt.  For once, the switch is to make the suit more modest.  The belt’s wrong.  I’d absolutely lose the garter belts.

Or if you don’t mind going more obscure, this costume based on the Ame Comi statue produced by DC Direct showcases an anime-inspired take on the Amazing Amazon!  I absolutely love this design and it looks very top notch!  The bodice is amazingly detailed!  And those boots mean business!

1. She-Ra (‘She-Ra: Princess of Power,’ ‘Masters of the Universe’)

Yes, it’s a surprise upset, but that costume is STUNNING!  It’s actually even nicer than the Skeletor costume I ranked yesterday in my Ten Nerdy Store Bought Halloween Costumes For Men piece!  The metallic gold looks phenomenal.  That headdress is dead on!  She looks just like the cartoon come to life!  Just really, really lovely!  And it looks well-made on top of that!  One look at this costume and she just swept the competition!

Let the debate begin!